20 May 2011

Sometimes, You Just Know

Today marks our 6th wedding anniversary.  I am only slightly aware of this fact because Facebook told me,  but none the less, I am going to get sappy and thank the universe for bringing me what some would call "my soul mate."

Chris and I have been together forever, like really forever.  We were high school sweethearts and even though we have only been married six years (not that long) I have no experience in my adult life where I was not 100% sure he was "the one."  It has not always been perfect, or even fun, but every now and then we have a little moment where I am reminded that we are pretty much perfect for each other.

A couple years ago now we took Cha Cha to see her first movie in a theater.  I was pregnant with Bitz (spoken "puking my guts out between trips to take the then potty-training toddler to the ladies room 3,658 times per hour"). We went to see "UP" and the movie opened with the Pixar "short" about the clouds that make the babies and the storks that deliver them.  Of course, being a 12 year old,  my mind immediately went to this "Family Guy" clip:

As I giggled in my seat I turned to look at Chris and caught his eye discovering that he too had turned to quote the exact same Family Guy reference.   It made my day, which was not an easy feat at that particular time.  That my friends is true love.  Yup, it sure is.