01 June 2011

Still Here, Still Fighting The Good Fight

I have been super absent from blogging, that is because I have been super absent from pretty much anything that is not child-rearing and keeping the house safe/clean for said children. That is all I can get done in the meager 24 hours allotted for an earth day.   In a nutshell, I am pretty much over this deployment.  Not good given that we get to keep doing this for an unspecified amount of time, but yeah, the girls have cottoned on to what is going down and they are sticking it to me good.

Bitz is very busy being a toddler.  I feel like I am living in a Ben Stiller movie where every scene you enter you can already tell what cringe-worthy disaster will strike.  Of course, in real life, it is less about the "hilarity" of lost suitcases and flooded lawns and much more about endless self-destruct mode interspersed with epic tantrums because I either 1. prevented the self-destruction and she is pissed or 2. did not stop her in time and now she is suffering a "grievous" injury to her person or her dignity.  It is amazing to me that when Cha Cha was this age Chris and I totally thought it would be great to have another.  Toddlers no longer inspire in me amusement and bliss, guess it is a good thing the baby factory is closed. 

Cha Cha has been in my bed more nights than not.  In her defense she did just have a nasty case of strep throat that landed us at urgent care on the holiday with no open pharmacies (awesome! story for another day).  However, I think she has now to come to feel that this is the new routine and I have mixed feelings about that.  On the one hand I am sure she is missing her Daddy so if this is what gets us through then so be it.  On the other hand...being with your child 24/7 with no breaks and not even your own space in which to sleep is taking its toll.  I am a better mom when I get a few hours to myself to rest, but a "good" mom would do whatever it takes to get through this Navy thing alive.  Talk about a rock and a hard place. Never mind the drama that will ensue when Chris gets back.  He is only home like 6-8 hours a day and most of those hours are spent sleeping so we can not be playing these games.   Just ugh!

Well, there is my pity-party all laid out for everyone.  Must be something in the air since I feel like this whole "woe is me" thing is doing the rounds.  Looks like we are all getting our Summer Solstice upheavals early this year.   No matter, I am sure once the hormones clear my system, the kids get healthy again (man, I crack myself up sometimes) and we get back into the swing of things it will ease up.  At least that is what I tell myself.   Tomorrow we have a fun play date for the girls to model some adorable clothes for my girlfriend's Etsy shop so that can be our first step in the right direction.

Serenity now!


Ginger said...

Yeah, toddlerhood doesn't exactly scream "GIMME ANOTHER BABY" to me.

I hope things ease up for you some soon. I hope the girls get healthy(ish) if nothing else!