08 June 2011


The solstice is coming up and often when we hit these big deal dates, things start shifting and changing en mass.  This has certainly been true around here.   The kids are undergoing some big transitions, mostly positive, and I know my life has been doing the runaround too.

Charlie has finally made the jump to no diapers at all.  I feel like we lingered with a nigh-time pull-up for a long time, but I learned early on that it was just easier for everyone.  While she was more than capable of going through the night but, being a kid who never misses a chance for passive-aggressive torture, she quickly taught me that my life would be a living hell if I forced her to do this even one second before she was ready.  It appears that this week, she was ready.  She said "no thanks" and we haven't looked back.  I have to say, it has been great.  She heads off to two days of summer "school" in July and that will mark her start at preschool.  She is growing up before my eyes and I won't even pretend it is not killing me.

Bitz is following along in the big-girls thing,  She now wants to do the potty thing, with limited success, and she is talking up a storm all of a sudden.  The biggest change, and here come the upheaval, both literal and figurative, is that she can now climb right out of her crib.  I guess we have to change it to the toddler bed, but I have my doubts about how that is going to work.   I ordered some bed-rails so maybe we can do an intermediate step.   Now she is a terror to get to sleep and well, lets just say she doesn't stay down for the night as well as she used to.  I am assuming here that as a parent you never get to actually get some sleep, but only time will tell.

As for me, I recently had a friendship end.  The long and short is that a friend I had in VA has finally proven my deep seated suspicion that our friendship was based purely on how I could serve her needs.  While I am sad to see this relationship end, on some level it feels good to know that I am cutting out people who drain me.  I guess I am maturing in my role of wife, mother and sometimes single parent and I can now see that in order to do this I need to surround myself with people who understand that life is give and take, not just one or the other.  I feel grateful that I do have so many of those people in my life, needless to say I would not be here, still standing, were it not for my family and friends who provide that mutual respect and support.

In ten days it will be the longest day of the year, and lets just say it commences another meaningful countdown and I can't wait.  I never thought so much could happen in a mere six weeks, but it sometimes feel like I can't even remember life before this deployment.  In many ways, it is for the better.


Ginger said...

Literally TODAY Jackson figured out how to climb out of the crib. I'm...terrified frankly. I'm not sure he'll ever sleep again. So I'm commiserating with you from across the country.

Alexis said...

@Ginger It feels good to know I am not alone. The switch to big bed is easy...if you have the time to wait it out a few nights. I have two kids to supervise and get to bed, I do not have that time. Not sure that is going to work out.

Alicen said...

One of the unfortunate side effects of having a large child...they hit the magic heights earlier (whether good or bad!). That is always a sad day when you realize "it's time". Honestly I think Emma could climb out if she tried hard enough since, even at her short stature, she can manage to get her leg over the top rail! I think her mode of choice is going to be destruction over climbing. I'm telling ya, we're going to walk in that room one morning to find the crib in pieces!! I'm not even exaggerating, the way she kicks on the sides of that thing it's a wonder it's still in one piece as of now.

As for your "friend", that sucks. I know it hurts but in the end it's better that people like that are out of your life anyway. No need wasting energy on them when you have so many more that genuinely care for you!

6 weeks! I can hardly believe it!! I know it must have felt like forever to you but I feel like you just posting the boat leaving. Let's hope for a speedy end so you can have him back with you. Hang in there, your doing great! Remember you can always call. We should be up your way around August 22nd so let the countdown begin!