17 July 2011

Book Review Sunday

A quick run-down of my most recent books from the 52 Books in 52 Weeks list.

Deadly Spin by Wendell Potter- Read this.  Potter was in PR for a big-time, for-profit insurance company and he tells all in this book just as he did when testified before Congress.  While the "hows and whys" of insurance companies screwing the client base are not shocking, the political game playing blew my mind.  No matter where you stand on the health-care reform issue, this book will change your perspective on the current state of our health-care delivery system.  A must read for political dorks like myself.

The Cookbook Collector by Allegra Goodman- Such an amazing novel.  Just be warned it is some seriously powerful stuff.  I was loving the book (usual fare of being about everything yet nothing in a pleasantly intelligent way) and then I was nearly knocked out of my chair.  It has been a long time since a book created that visceral a reaction in me.  Add this one to your list.

Give Me Your Heart by Joyce Carol Oates- Putting this one in to let you all know you can probably pass on this one.  I blow hot and cold on Oates, sometimes I read things of hers that are amazing, and other times, not so much.  These stories were "classic JCO," but not in a particularly thrilling way.  Your mileage may vary of course.

You Know When The Men Are Gone by Siobhan Fallon- This book was great, for me, and probably other women in my shoes.  These loosely connected narratives of life for Army wives in Ft. Hood  were not amazing in terms of great writing, intense use of literary technique or anything like that.  However, they were spot on for anyone who has been one of the "left behind."  Being an Army wife herself, Fallon perfectly articulates countless little experiences that you may only "get" if you have been there.  I recommend it for anyone, but realize that its value may be in appeal to a niche market.

The quest to read continues and I have a few promising novels on the pile so hopefully I can keep at it and do more blogging that is not about my whiny self-indulgence.