11 July 2011

Changes and Choices

So, just in case you missed me throwing my eternal pity-party here at the The Well-Read Mom, we are yet again at a horrid crossroads where I am left whining "but what about meeeeeeeee?!?!"  The good news is that Bitz is in her twin bed.  No more crib, no more tumbling out of the crib and no more 35 pound dead-lifts to get her in and out of the crib.  The bad news: the definitive lack of containment.  While a lack of napping, the cranky toddler and seeming hours of waiting for the safety of my own sleep are not new parenting territory, this is ruining, and mean just killing, my work-outs.

Yeah, yeah, first world problem.  SAHM/step ford wife can't find time to work-out.  Boo-hiss.  Tiniest violin.  I get that.  BUT, it was my saving grace these past months and having to give it up for my kids (like everything else I have already given up...call the "waaahhhhmbulance") is a major sad face.  In light of the new playtime extravaganza in the toddler's room here are my choices:
  1. Quiet Time- Just give up on naps but declare 1.5 hours a day as quiet time.  I don't care what you do, just be doing it in the safety of your child-proofed rooms and leave me alone.  Pros: I get to work out and some housework will get done.  Cons: rooms destroyed, several hours of endless torture from over-tired un-napped kids.  Kids now too tired to go to bed without fuss leading to sleepless nights.  Repeat and escalate until kids are 18 or someone dies from exhaustion.
  2. Enforce nap by sitting until Bitz falls asleep.  Pros:  No tired toddler torture, I get to work out, no destroyed rooms.  Cons: Time required to get toddler down is maximum allowable time for preschooler to amuse self with a video, thus workout accompanied by constant stream of demands, questions and narratives.  Not restive and no housework gets done until 8pm.
  3. Work out at night- Pros: housework gets done during nap/quiet time, toddler sleeps, preschooler entertained because watching me fold laundry proves less interesting than TV. Cons: lets face it, who wants to work out at 8pm after 12-14+ hours of non-stop childcare and housework?  I am spending the one waking hour Chris is (sometimes) home working out. 
Right now I am seeing this as a Lose-Lose-Lose situation with me being the only one losing out on anything.  Awesome.   Granted, come September this gets easier since Cha Cha will be in school in the afternoons and I can then corral only one kid into submission, but the next two months loom long and work-out-less.  All together now as I embrace my diva-hood "Oh well, I guess I will just sacrifice this too...anything for my family."   You might want to take your drinks on the porch since I am already on the cross...sometimes my own negativity is appalling.

Anyway, that is the only real drama here at the house, so hey, it could be worse.  I promise some book reviews soon since I have read quite a few great things lately.  I am also planning a slew of shameless consumerism posts since I have some cool stuff that I think everyone deserves to know about. Feel free to offer the needed ass-kickings in the comments, clearly I need it...


Alicen said...

Right there with ya! I've been having to work out at night for pretty much forever now and I HATE it!! Some nights I didn't even leave for my run until 7:45 which then makes me wired so I don't fall asleep until midnight. Awesome!

I've pretty much given up on working out right now, only 9 days until the move and there are more important things to do. I'm not even going to worry about it again until we get settled in CT the end of August. I feel horrible but I'm over it, we'll get a new routine once we're settled in!!

Perhaps we can be work out buddies, if the kids aren't going to nap anyway then we myswell use lunchtime to our benefit and at least go for a walk or do some hiking! Who knows, when the stars align just so perhaps we can even do horrible evening runs!! It would be better with company (not that I'll be talking but your sheer presence will make it less torturous).

Alexis said...

@Alicen We can totally be workout buddies. I bet with the kids in a herd to amuse each other we can do some sweet videos and what not. I agree about the "no talking" thing though...I will be too busy sucking wind :)

Sarah said...

I must also bitch and moan about the dreaded exercise dilema. Anything and everything about exercising lately puts me in an automatic funk. I feel like I can't win. I try running longer, I try running more frequent, I don't go buck wild on food and yet the number does not change...nor do the clothing sizes. I feel defeated and inflated (this was a I'm getting fat joke). Consistancy this year is horrible. I had a much better routine last year, even with the husbands horrible work schedule and was 10lbs lighter. I like food too much to restrict and diet. Ergo, I must exercise but not doing to great with that. I'm beyond frustrated. Thanks for letting me vent...I need some cake.

Alexis said...

@Sarah Yeah, I think a lot of my workout woes are because I am fighting so hard to stay at this weight and the point counting (for no weight loss BTW) is getting old and I know the only reason I am not ballooning back up to 200 pounds just from oxygen consumption is the working out. I am trying to get over my bad body-image esteem issues, but come on, I am only human here. Plus, giving this up just feels like the final nail in the coffin of "all the crap I no longer like about my life thanks to my kids/my husband's work schedule/my life." Melodramatic? Sure. True on some level? You bet!