04 July 2011

Declaring Independence

Remember back when I blogged, like twice in one week even?  Yeah, that was cool.  Then Chris came home, things got...pretty much the same so I guess this will just happen when in happens.  None the less I have a list today!  These are thing from which I am declaring my independence:
  1. My child as an extortionist- I am so over the tantrums.  Now I just ignore them.  At home you can go pitch your fit in your room until you are over it, out of the house I can wait until you are ready (if it is something I need to do) or we can go home right now (if it is something meant to be nice for you).  Have fun at preschool. You think I am a hard-ass? Your teachers will have no tolerance for that shit. 
  2. A few more pounds- Hitting a few weeks of strict point watching and no "fluffy" carbs.  Rice, pasta, bread...you all make me blow up like a balloon so see ya later.  Keeping up with the running.  Doing the programs on the treadmill.  Can you say "hill sprints?"  My goal:  6mph on an incline of 8 for at least a minute...it is a lot harder than you would think!
  3. Home-Port guilt- Chris is not a fan of his job, I mean really, who would be?  At work from 5am to 7pm seven days a week with no end in sight and someone always on your ass? No thanks.  I am supportive of him and his needs during this time, but I have to let go of the idea that I am responsible for this.  The fact that I wanted to live here does not make me the root cause of how much working for the Navy sucks. 
  4. Being the maid-  I handle the housework as a function of logistics, not because I live to serve.  House rules are being formulated, they will be shared (ahemChristopherahem) and I am out.  If the 20 month-old can get her stuff in the hamper, so can you.
  5. Being a "fixer"- it is becoming unfortunately clear to me that many members of my friends/family are incapable of getting their shit together.  That is fine, it is your life, but it is no longer my problem. As the old saying goes "a lack of preparation/organization on your part does not constitute and emergency for me." (Or something like that-whatever, you get the idea.)
So there you go.  I am just as mean-spirited as ever and I am now "free" from this stuff.  Feels like Independence Day baby!


Heidi Maxwell said...

Nice. I haven't blogged in a stone's age. You, at least are doing it several times a month! Let me know how your new found independence works out...I'm thinking of declaring some of my own!

Ginger said...

I'm trying, TRYING to declare myself free of the tantrums. It's...not working most days.