18 July 2011

Everything I Need To Know About Life...

...I learned from mowing the lawn.
  1. Almost anything can be "easy" with a bit of foresight and determination.  If everyone had to plan projects the way I undertake this task with two little ones in tow, I bet efficiency would increase world-wide.
  2. Things are generally only labeled as "hard" if they are "man work."  Mowing lawns, changing oil and shoveling snow are hard.  Child rearing, house cleaning and meal planning are mere piffle to be done between episodes of General Hospital. 
  3. Physical fitness does pay off in the end.  What used to be a huge physical exertion that left me sucking wind and ready to die is now classified as "light cardio."  Hill sprints make for good mowing.  Take note. 
  4. Music makes everything better.
  5. Suburbanites will bitch about anything.  Thankfully there is a drama for almost any season.  Shoveling, lawn care, leaf raking...for every season there is a wank fest.  Since being a suburbanite is best accomplished by being male, straight, culturally white and in all other ways culturally "normal"  this fact may be closely linked with #2.
  6. If you think someone should do something, then odds are that you just may be that someone.  Corollary:  If you think that you not doing a task means it won't get done, you are probably right.
So there you go.  My lawn looks awesome and I have found my moment of zen in it all.

Mondays are for lists courtesy of abdpbt.com.


Anonymous said...

I need to be your neighbor. For one thing, I want you to loan me your books when your done with them. :)

Reminds me...there's a girl I follow on Twitter (@culdesaced) that goes off on Suburbia and the vapid women she's forced to interact with. Look her up. She's got our humor.

Alexis said...

@Jaci I will check it out. I am such a suburban girl myself it is laughable at times, but sometimes I am just so over it. Between the suburbanites and the interesting cross section of life that the Navy provided, it is total crazy-ville around here!