28 July 2011

A Fresh Approach

So the Weight Watchers thing has fully stalled.  I meticulously count points and work my ass off on the treadmill...my weight stays the same.  I say screw it and eat whatever I want...and my weight stays the same.  Sure I am glad that I lost 20 pounds and have kept it off for a while. I would still recommend the program and know lots of people who have not had this problem.  I am also very happy with my fitness progress.  However, I am vain above all else and I want to shift a few more pounds.  Enter the Whole Foods eating plan.  Heidi at The Maxwell's Madness did the Whole30 program with amazing results.  Inspired by that I looked into it and while I am not hitting it as hardcore at that site outlines, I am embracing the whole food concept. 

I am following the program as outlined with a few little modifications.  I am allowing myself one Diet Coke a day, and I probably won't lose much sleep over the occasional white potato or scoop of peanut butter.  I may also have a drink if it pleases me, but really that rarely happens so no worries.

I am really liking it because it gets rid of those problematic fluffy carbs while still allowing fruit and the more carby veggies.  Cutting out dairy basically self-limits bad fats and thanks to that I am pretty sure that what I am eating would fit in my points, though I am not under any obligation to be measuring, weighing and stressing about such things.  Also, black coffee?  Really just fine.   It is so easy to do and having survived the three days where your body freaks the hell out and is "dying" to get some sugar, you don't feel hungry.

Add in that running is going pretty well and we may just get over this hump!  In prep I read Michael Pollan's Food Rules and I am now reading Nina Planck's Real Food.  Both are excellent reading.  Perhaps the 20 pounds that stand between me and my goal weight are not so hard to beat after all...

**Having posted this I did want to swoop in and provide the warning that if you head "down the rabbit hole" from the Whole30 site, you will eventually find yourself in serious lunatic fringe territory.   I guess my disclaimer here is that I am not sure all of this is anything more than pseudo-science, but I am sure that I had to kick my bad-carbs habit and this is doing the job.  Less strict whole food mentality is that no foods are bad foods assuming they are food.  That is my overall goal, this just seems like a good jump start.  Okay, that is all.**