21 July 2011

Some Random

I have so many things I want to blog about, but two kids with laryngitis means very little time for such folly.  Instead, you can have this shot gun blast of random. 
  • Cha Cha being sick provides a new conundrum:  how sick is too sick for school?  I know she is not contagious, but she is still a hot wreck with a nasty cough.  My gut says keep her home (and I will) but I just see a long winter of like 25% attendance ahead of us and it makes me so sad.
  • News, because I read sometimes:  President Obama is backing a bill to get rid of DOMA.  This is huge because well, it is huge, but it also removes the loophole the DoD planned to use to deny benefits to same sex partners.  Somehow the existence of DOMA meant that same-sex marriages were not "real" on the federal level so the DoD, being a federal entity did not have to grant those marriages the same value.  Kind of stupid give that marriages are granted on a state basis and really only valid because most states will honor another state's documents, but anyway, with that gone the game certainly changes.
  • In other news: You Better Be a Lady.  Not really newsworthy, but just infuriating that this kind of crap happens all the time. Would anyone have called this behavior out had it been a man, you know someone who belongs in power? I doubt it.
  • Now, just in case you didn't know I am a raging hypocrite, my girlfriends and I have developed the alarming habit of talking about men the way that men have always talked about women.  By that I mean we objectify them.  You know what?  It feels good. Doesn't make it right, but I get it now.  This, my dear readers, is what boat-induced celibacy causes.  (It might also make someone think "The Backstreet Boys" are hot, but that is an anecdote for another day...)
  • Related topic: anyone else watch TrueBlood?  You should because Alexander Skarsgard and  Joe Manganiello are just heart-stopping. 
  • New mantra thanks to Heidi at The Maxwell's Madness:  Fit Is The New Thin!  I went to itch my arm the other day and felt a weird bump.  It was my arm muscle.  Yup, I have arm muscles now.  who knew?
Okay, all that is out of my system and I can get back to what I am supposed to be doing:  getting the house ready for my ILs.  Hooray!  Visitors!  This means I might get up 10 minutes away from my kids!  I love them, but man, divas, the lot of them...