10 August 2011

Leaking Out Everywhere

So we are seemingly hemorrhaging money.   I will apply the caveat that it is all money we have, money we set aside for these specific expenses even, but none the less, watching the checks fly out the door gives me the willies.  The reason it really kills me?  Well, because this seems to happen cyclically. 

It all started in the usual way, we are savers on principle so when Chris' Xbox was dead, I decided to surprise him with a new one upon his return from his underway.  "No problem" I thought.  I put away a ton of money while he was gone.  I was feeling pretty smug in my fiscal prowess.  Saint Alexis:  Patron Saint of Bulging Savings Accounts.  Then things started to go downhill.

Chris' computer soon died and he wanted to get a ThinkPad (throwback to his good old days at RPI where they are standard issue) and we looked at the money and said "sure, we can do that."  (Side note: Mad props to my girl Sandra in NC who works for Lenovo and hooked us up with her hot discount.  Your job is awesome!)  Then things started to head downhill.

We prepaid all our oil for the year so we can lock in the price.  The dryer died so a new washer/dryer set is coming tomorrow.  Chris' car needs a hefty load of routine work.  Charlie is doing pre-school in the fall (probably bumping from 3 days to 5 days if there are spots).  Chris needs a new dinner dress uniform thanks to making LTCD.  Lastly, the real icing on the cake: my laptop is dying.

Now, we are not going to be bankrupt here.  We knew most of these expenses were coming. We put aside tax return money, bonus money and monthly pay to accommodate this stuff, but still when it rains, it is a fucking monsoon.   Thankfully we have never really faced a situation where where we honestly did not have the money, somewhere, somehow for stuff like this, but watching it all fly out the door when we worked so hard to save it all up is borderline physically painful. 

I am left here in the "wreckage" wondering why does this stuff come in spurts? I mean you tool along happily for months, even years, with no major drama then suddenly everything in the house dies at once.  Do things have a certain lifespan and therefore if you start "fresh" when you get married/live together/whatever, you can count on a steady influx of dead crap?  Are the gods and goddesses of money and fortune just that fricking spiteful?  Am I just being melodramatic and frankly this is all in my head?  (Yup, bet that is the one.)

So, does this seem to happen to anyone else?  Just wondering because this particular dose of crazy pills is doing me in.