24 August 2011

A Typical Day

To make it a real calendar day lets start at 00:00:00...

00:00 to 04:00
- This is “sleep time.”  Almost always punctuated by one kid needing something, about 50% of the time also disturbed by the boat calling.  The boat calling is a bit of an issue because Chris, being exhausted from having been on said boat for 16+ hours “yesterday”  sleeps through both phones ringing.  I am ordering lingerie that reads “midnight secretary.”  It will be HAWT.

04:00 to 04:30
- Lie in bed and try not allow my fury at how Chris absolutely cannot shower and shave without dropping things on the tile floor like 4,917 times to slowly erode our marriage.  Chris then  kisses me goodbye, tucks me in (marriage saved!) and leaves for work . He will not be a player in this drama until, at best, 20:00. 

05:00 to Kids Waking
- The entirety of my meaningful sleep.  Yes, you can live on less than five hours a night more or less indefinitely.  Four and a half years and still going strong!

06:15 to 07:00
- Kid are generally up and destroying their room so the day begins.  We go to the potty, change diapers, make beds and get breakfast going.  The kids eat breakfast while I make coffee and unload the dishwasher.  They then head off to play.

Until +/- 09:00
- The kids play fairly independently in the playroom and living room while I do a bit of housework.  I generally do a quick round of de-clutter and one task like running the vacuum or giving a bathroom a swipe so as to keep this place going.   Now is also a good time to get some meal prep done so lunch and dinner are planned and under control.  This is also when I eat breakfast by hiding in the kitchen and wolfing it down over the sink hoping the kids don’t find me and demand some.

Until +/- 11:00- This is when we generally get dressed and head out the door.  Errands, play-dates, doctors appointments, museums, library, story etc. 

11:30- Lunch.  Sometimes out if we are still out (then I eat too), often we aim to be back here so we can unwind and get ready for…

12:00 until around 13:30/14:00
- Nap/quiet time.  Liz sleeps and Charlie hangs out in my bed with some cartoons.  This is “my work time.”  I generally hit the treadmill, make my phone calls, check my e-mail etc.  If  any major cleaning needs doing (scrubbing bathrooms, mopping floors) I do it now.  Generally I am completely exhausted by the time the kids wake up, but oh well, I can do in an hour without them what it would take 3 hours to do with their “help.”   If I get to eat lunch it is happening now. **This will change soon since Charlie will be at school from 12:30 to 15:00 starting in a few weeks.**

14:00- Snack time.  Diet Coke break.

Until 17:00
- More activities.  I usually try to get the kids outside all afternoon.  This can be more play-dates, trips to local parks or just letting them loose in our backyard.  If the weather is bad I use this time for “structured” stuff like art projects, play-doh etc.  Winters in CT sure are long…

17:00- Kids eat dinner while I have a snack since odds are I did not eat lunch, yet I won’t be having dinner until 9pm when Chris and I can eat together. 

17:30 to 19:00- Baths, maybe a cartoon, stories and bed.  This is a real process, but worth it since they are generally asleep by 19:30/20:00 meaning I can get some more work done.  I work-out now if I did not get a chance during nap/quiet time.  I fold laundry while I watch TV and then, assuming no other housework needs doing, I relax a bit.  Blogging, knitting, sewing, reading and so on happen now.  **Sometimes this time and nap/quiet time get reversed.  I will blog/rest/craft then and haul ass after they go to bed.  It all depends on what is on my to-do list that day.**

20:00 to 22:00
Chris gets home somewhere in here and we eat together and, if we can before Chris falls asleep, spend some time together.  On bad days this is 15 minutes of “admin” so we are all up to speed on household stuff and boat schedules, on a good day we may watch some trashy TV together or have a glass of something on the deck. 

No later than 22:00
- Assuming he has made it home by then, bed time for Chris.

23:00- I turn off the TV/put down the book and try to sleep though before you know it, it is 23:59:59 and the day rolls over…

In reality it is not a awful as it seems here in type. I do get to spend my days “playing” and much of my serious “work” can be done in drips and drabs between kid activities and kid needs.  It is also getting easier since my kids are getting bigger and can do things with less hands-on supervision.  While none of the work is “hard,” for me days are pretty much go-go-go with not much downtime between when the kids wake up and when Chris gets home.  I guess my point here is that the life of SAHP-dom is less about intensity and more about duration. 

Hey it could be worse, heck I could be Chris in this equation.  His day makes mine look like a cake-walk…maybe he needs to guest post….

This post is thanks to Ginger over at Ramble Ramble.   She set up a blog hop so check out the participants and please let us know what your day looks like!


Anonymous said...

Glad to know someone else unloads their dishwasher in the mornings. I just did it...grudgingly.

Alexis said...

@JaciEvery morning I stagger downstairs, greeted by this, my least favorite task in the world, and I am almost driven to weep. I just can't seem to find a way around the "set if off last thing before bed" system. Oh well!

Ginger said...

I love reading this stuff..I'm such a voyeur! Even better when it makes me giggle "midnight secretary". Awesome.