04 September 2011

We Made It

So, you probably heard about the little "weather incident" that struck the east coast.  It was very much the opposite of awesome.  While we were very fortunate that we had no damage to person or property, it was still pretty stressful.  

The whole thing kicked off with the boat leaving.  Yup, you heard that right.  When a big storm is coming the submarines go to sea.  Follow that up with Navy-issued e-mails that contain the phrase (and I am not making this, copy pasted right from the letter):  SHIPS AND SUBMARINES MAY BE ORDERED TO SORTIE AND AIRCRAFT MAY BE REQUIRED TO EVACUATE, LEAVING FINAL HURRICANE PREPARATIONS TO FAMILY MEMBERS WHO MUST BE PREPARED TO ASSUME THE BURDEN OF SELF-PROTECTION AND SURVIVAL IN THE SERVICE MEMBER'S ABSENCE. (The all caps is a Navy thing, but the italics are mine.)  Holy crap, way to not panic the masses there.  Talk about overly dramatic.

Faced with all this I did what any sane person would do and left.  I storm proofed the house and went to my ILs in upstate NY.  That was very much OK.  We lost power for roughly 24 hours and while there was basement flooding, no major damages reported.   After much deliberation, we came back to CT Wednesday since Chris' time here is limited and well, I had to face the music sometime.   Other than having to throw out everything that was in our fridge and freezer, our only issues were a sizable stick collection on the lawn.  We got power back in the wee hours of Friday and life has been pretty much normal since. 

Statewide this was a huge deal.  Many still don't have power.  Citizens are irate and the politicians are coming under some heavy fire.  I have mixed feelings about this.  On the one hand natural disasters are only really understood in hindsight and well,  who could have known how it would all play out.  On the other hand, I'm sorry, did you fail to see the giant fucking hurricane coming straight for us?  You should have probably at least considered having a plan for that. 

Granted, CT did not get hit as hard as some.  My SIL's wedding should be this weekend.  In VT. Assuming there are still roads that lead to the site.  So see, it could be way worse.  We still have actual roads, so that is some pretty important perspective.

At the end of it all, we made it thanks in no small part to the endless support of friends and family.  Without my support system doing this Navy-style would be completely impossible.  On that note: Really?  Send everyone to sea?  We survived Irene and all I can say is: I am so over this bullshit. 


Ginger said...

I'm glad you guys are all ok and not too much to deal with. When I saw on the news that all the ships were being sent out to sea, I thought of you, actually. And then I thought to myself "oh, no way in HELL could I deal with that without large quantities of curse words." Which is part of why I am not a Navy wife, I think.