17 October 2011


Since we are now living in the fairy-tale land of shore duty and it is all rainbows and unicorns around here, I have a list of things that I love.  Silly stupid things that never fail to make me smile.
  • When my checkbook balancing matches the bank's numbers to the penny.  A little thing, but it makes me feel like a fiscal genius.
  • Canceling our home phone line because we no longer need to have twenty back up phones for the hourly calls from the boat.  
  • Related love:  sleeping more than 45 consecutive minutes every night.
  • The way Lizzie says "namaste."  Having spent some time working on "banana" she went directly to "banana-stay."  We do kiddie yoga, say "banana-stay" and just roar with laughter.  Must. Get. Video.
  • Charlie asking me "Mom, I already know the earth is a sphere, what about other planets, how do they go around the sun?"  
  • Ugly-light-up-Disney-princess shoes.  I hate them because they are hideous. I love them because they were on sale, Charlie loves them and we no longer have to fight about shoes.  Put that one in the win column.
  • My new running shoes.  I got Vibram FF: KomodoSports.  I am having an illicit affair with them. (See this post for all the details since Alicen explains it all way better than I ever will.)
  • Halloween!  I love the fall, I love this holiday and we are doing a family 5K with trick-or treating afterward.  I love that we are becoming that kind of family and therefore being good role models for our kids.  
  • The fact that my husband is kind of a big deal.  The fall-out from our recent "firing" is playing out quite well.  Several job offers, apologies from high ranking staff, offers to go back to sea and continue his career should he chose*, the ability to basically design his own Navy job and much dissent and uproar with the general theme being "what was this skipper doing anyway?"  Outstanding!
  • Arkham Horror.  I am a huge dork and love all kinds of games, but this one is so awesome.  I finally caved and learned to play this weekend.  So much fun. 
Now, back to my life of sunshine and lollipops.  

What little things are you guys loving right now?  Lets share the joy!

*Disclaimer:  This may be less than awesome since the Navy obviously wants him back at sea, there is a pretty good chance that he will be "voluntold" to go back to a new boat.  Sucky due to more sea time, but good in terms of getting back on the bonus train and keeping the option of a career in the service open should things improve and make us want to stay.  I figure they "own" us for three more years anyway so whatever, though I am interested to see what happens.  The glory here is that our time frame for staying or leaving really doesn't change unless we want it to.


Alicen said...

This list makes me smile! It's wonderful to appreciate the small things in life sometimes and realize just how happy they do make you. Now I may be a little more mindful of this right now since I just finished reading "The Happiness Project" but whatever.

Also I may have to get some more info on that 5k (maybe you can send me some *wink*). Perhaps we could borrow your single jogger and we can all do it with out 3 millions kids and strollers blocking the lane! It's actually sounding pretty fun. Then I can shamelessly eat some candy and not feel guilty...WIN!