30 November 2011

And He Did Not Miss A Beat

I have developed an odd obsession with the Australian Showtime series Satisfaction.  It is about sex workers, only tangentially, but yeah, the theme comes up a bit.  In this particular episode a wife hires a gal to have an affair with her husband.  This will allow him to wander but provide the discretion required for him to obtain political office.  The following conversation occurrs:

Me: So like, is that a thing.  For your 40th birthday I get a call girl?

Chris: Um...

Me: Or is that like a silver wedding anniversary thing?

Chris: Oh, is that what it is?

Me: Sure.  25th is hookers and...I don't know...something.

Chris: I see.

I am pretty sure this means we are soul mates.  I mean after all, who else could deal with all my crazy (and it is a lot of crazy) and never even pause.  It is almost as if he finds my irreverent immaturity endearing.  On that note I am off to watch Bridesmaids and get some sleep.  Farewell NaBloPoMo.