07 November 2011

Book Review "Sunday"

This round of book reviews is the running edition.  I have been reading about running quite a bit lately to help keep me motivated and these are some good ones.

Run Like A Mother by Sarah Bowen Shea & Dimity McDowell-  This was a cute book.  While it did offer some training tips, consider it more of an inspirational collection of stories from other moms who are making this work too.  At the time I read it I found it hard to get really into it since none of it covered my current experience.  While there were countless tips on how to get those runs in while still being wife, mother, good employee etc., there was very little addressing of people who do it in non-traditional work/parenting/marriage situations.   A good inspirational read, but unless you answer to working out is "just leave the kids with your spouse, you deserve it" this may leave you a bit cold.

Born to Run by Christopher McDougall- The definitive "barefoot" book.  Part narrative about looking for the tribal runners and part scientific analysis of running and how humans evolved to run, this one was a great read.  entertaining and informative.   This one will be getting a re-read since it was not only highly entertaining but really very helpful in changing how I run and therefore, gaining some speed while out hitting the pavement.

Marathon and Half-Marathon: The Beginner's Guide by Marnie Caron - This is an honest to goodness training manual.  Co-written by the Sports Medicine Council of BC it offers advice on all aspects of running then wraps up with a 26 week plan to get you running either a full or half marathon.  I love the training plan because it focuses on walk/run intervals.  The program can build you up to just plain running a whole race, but focuses on the idea that as long as you keep going farther and faster then the actual running to walking ratio is not a big deal.  Very mentally soothing for anyone who wants to be a runner, but finds the idea of  just plain running for hours to be too much.  You know, people like me. 

Enjoy and get out there, if I can be a runner (in the loosest possible sense) then anyone can!


Alicen said...

I may have to grab that training guide. I could sure use some help with how much to drink/eat and what is best during runs. I'm good for now but they are getting into the hour long category sometimes so it may be worth looking into! I read all about the gels and goos but am clueless as to knowing when you need them.

If your ever looking for more reads on running (or motivation for such) pick up Dean Karnazes' books. There quick and a decent read.