06 November 2011


So I am not such a fan of Daylight Savings Time.  I have mentioned before that "fall back" is hell when you have little kids, but it creates other problems as well.
  • Now the sun sets at roughly noon meaning that the odds of me getting to run outdoors while not getting hit by cars here in the sticks drops perilously close to zero.
  • I am exhausted, the kids are exhausted yet, no one plans to sleep any time soon.
  • See also: backing into the unopened garage door because yup, between the time change and illness, I am that deliriously exhausted.  Oh, now that is comedy.  (No damage to door or car, but still, I feel like an idiot.)
  • I am hungry all the freaking time because my body has no idea what is going on (never mind that we have done this 30 times thus far) and compensates by making me want to devour an entire pizza.
  • Kids are doing the same so now I am either in the kitchen preparing/serving/cleaning up food or arguing about why we can't have food since we just had food, that you snubbed, 3.7 seconds ago. 
  • Getting all the clocks in the house synced....where is that freaking oven manual?
I suppose it all shall pass soon.  As I sit here, surrounded by my most loved ones enjoying the wood stove and  cold weather fun I can look at the sun streaming in my windows and think:  Motherhumper, someone should Windex those things, they look awful.  

Happy Fall Y'all!