08 November 2011

Dinner Time Banter

Chris:  I think I have ADD.

Me: What makes you say that?

Chris: I can't seem to focus on my work, and I can't seem to listen when other people talk to me.

Me: Nope, pretty sure you just have narcissistic personality disorder.

Chris: What?

Me: You just can't be bothered to focus on anything that doesn't interest you at that second. You could if you wanted to, you just don't think you should have to.  Not ADD.  Narcissism.

Chris:  Fair enough.

Me: Probably a necessary trait for success in your line of work.   See also:  delusions of grandeur, megalomania and a borderline pathological disregard for the lives/families/time of others.

Chris:  Yeah, we better leave the submarine force, my douchebaggery is already way out of hand.

Me:  Well, you are in good company.  I am blogging all of this with no sense of irony.

So, is blogging the ultimate form of narcissism or is this just a nice way for all us introverts to play at extroversion for a while?  I bet a bit of both.


Ginger said...


I love this entire exchange!