25 November 2011

Fun Family Time

My ILs are super into board games.  We now have an entire extended family who loves to play such games.  It makes family get togethers super fun and means that we are always researching, buying or playing an awesome game.  Just in time for holiday shopping here are my top favorites right now.
  • Settlers of Catan- This one is pretty easy to play and can be learned quickly.  There are several expansions that create many ways to play at any level of skill or desired strategy.
  • Dominion- A card game that takes mere minutes to learn, but provides and seemingly infinite number of varied games depending on which random assortment of cards are put into play.  
  • Agricola- Basic resource acquisition game.  This one is a bit harder to learn, but has many levels of play as the base kit contains several variations on the theme.  For this I highly recommend the little pack of models because OMG, the little sheep are to die for.
  • Ticket to Ride- So easy to learn, but does require strategy and some decision making.  The expansion packs add lots of dimension too.
  • Puerto Rico- A bit resource acquisition and requiring some strategy this game is good for a crowd.
  • Munchkin- This game is, in theory, easy to play.  That is assuming you have people with reading skills.  Be warned the first few play throughs are excruciating and forget playing this with slow readers.  However, once you get going (or if you are not a total B like me) this is a fun game.
  • Pandemic- A cooperative game where all players are on one "side" working toward a common goal.  A must for true geeks like me who like board games and the epidemiology of obscure diseases.  (This Venn diagram has more overlap than you might think...)
  • Arkham Horror- Another cooperative game with a Lovecraftian theme.  Game play is pretty easy to master, though it never feels the same way twice thanks to all of the inherent randomization and variation.
I suggest you check all these out.  For great reviews, information and an awesome way to go down the gaming rabbit hole head on over to Board Game Geek.  Enjoy!