20 November 2011

High Production

Today I accomplished a ton of stuff I should blog about.  But not here.  I spent all day on my sewing machine doing holiday crafts. Chris kept the kids away so I was able to do in one day what would have taken me weeks otherwise.  I made 10 items and set up 6 more for additional non-sewing work.  It was crazy.

The thing is that this stuff belongs on my other blog.  You know, the one I set up specifically for crafting.  the crafting blog that I have not posted on in months.  Almost exactly since I paid to make it a ".com,"  genius blog marketing strategy there.  Oh yeah.

What is the point here?  NaBloPoMo has taught me that I actually can post every day.   Some days it is well written genius, some days it is not.  None the less, I can do this.  I can make the time and find something to say every day.  Now imagine if starting on December 1st I keep posting every day, but do some days here and some days at Full Of Knit.  That would be called "building my blogging empire."

I think I shall do just that.