29 November 2011

Hitting the Wall

While it has been a noble experiment, I am kind of glad that NaBloPoMo is ending tomorrow.  At first it was fun and I found that I had lots to write about.  This was finally the time to put on paper all those posts I had been meaning to write.  Now?  Not so much.  I feel a little blogged out.  I know I have kind of been phoning it in around here and maybe a little time off in December will help change that.

On the flip side, I am proud that I will have finished this project.  I think some of the posts were good stuff and I can say that the exercise really made me get a grip on what topics I want to tackle more.  This comes with the realization that if this blog is going to ever be more than folly, I need to spend more time doing real posts.  I need to spend time I may not have right now.  While I may not be able to make this space everything I dreamed of right now, this month taught me that I can do so if I ever wanted to.

Now, I must plan some kind of NaBloPoMo grand finale...