16 November 2011

NaBloPoMo Failings

It has become quite clear to me that that I am not doing a great job with this here project.  I can pinpoint the main reason:  I never seem to have a fricking clue what day it actually might be.

ControverMonday post was definitely put up on Tuesday, because hey, today is Wednesday.  Well, I hope it is Wednesday otherwise we missed our ENT appointment that I had to book out 7 weeks in advance, so yeah, lets go with Wednesday.

Sadly, this is not a unique occurrence.  It has become quite clear to me that I am getting way stupider as I age.  Like terrifyingly "how does she even dress herself in the morning" stupid.  Not only have I become calendar impaired but I screw up pretty much every project I attempt and I can't even remember the last time I managed to do something major without hurting myself.   See also: hurt shoulder.  May have been from pushing the jogger today. May have been from falling down the front steps on my way to get Charlotte from preschool.  You know.  Hard to tell sometimes. 

Maybe that damn FluMist liquified my brains.  Did I bitch about the FluMist yet?  Well, I should have because it tried to kill me.  Get the squirt in the nose and head on home.  All of us do great and life rolls on an usual...until about 7pm.  At that point I spike a 103F fever with crashing headache and retire to bed where prescription grade Motrin doesn't even touch this bitch and I shiver, miserable and sick, all night long.  It was great.  My kids are fine, Chris was fine when he got his, though he does have a theory about how you have to sleep to get an immune response and since he was on the boat working 22 hour days, odds are his did not take, but that may just be pseudo-science.  Anyway, I am fine now.  Either I have a kick ass immune system and that reaction means I am now set to go, or I have a sad little immune system that can't even handle a virus that is already like 99.9% dead and well, I am good as buried because there is no way I will survive the winter.  Eh.  Either one is fine I suppose. 

So there you go.   It is Wednesday.  I may have posted every day this month, though who the hell knows.  I now need to lie in bed with a heating pad for my shoulder and try to get my act together for tomorrow.  Which should be Thursday.  We have the ENT.  Okay, deep breath: "I can get my act together, yes I can."


Unknown said...

I think you are being way too hard on yourself!!! I mean, I hear ya, it feels to me that I am behind on everything. You know we all try to do too much stuff. But we also put a lot of undo pressure on ourselves. Hang in there.

Kathleen said...

Stupid google- that unknown comment above was not 'unknown' so much as it was a 'google fail'.