24 November 2011

The Perfect Day

It really was.  We made it to NY safe and sound last night and woke up this morning to my MIL taking care of the girls.  Chris and I grabbed and extra half hour of sleep then went out for a run.  We ran because for one glorious morning we did not need to worry about jogging strollers and juggling run times.  He did 3+, I did a neat 2.5.  Slow and steady, not breaking any records, but really focusing on my form and making those intervals a little longer.  My iPod died half way through, but that was kind of OK since I just focused on the running for a bit.  It was super "meta" and I liked it. 

Then it was some time in the sauna (yeah, my ILs have a sauna, it is the shiz) and a tasty breakfast.  Then showers and off to my SILs for games, snacks then turkey dinner.  The food was amazing, the company was more than amazing and the girls were good as gold.  Now I have two sleepy girls in bed and I am enjoying some quiet time. 

Today is a good day to reflect on how blessed we are and I am thankful for so much.  My family, not only my beautiful healthy kids and my amazing husband, but also for my extended family who are so much fun and bring so much love and support into our lives.  That yet again we find ourselves in good health and financially stable.  I think this holiday season kick off is just what we need to shake off this funk and get back to living our wonderful lives.