14 November 2011

Picture (Spoken "Cheater") Post

The girls take tumbling.  It is awesome.  Charlotte is quite good and the instructor is encouraging us to move her along with some more formal training.  I have mixed feelings about this, but that is a post for another day.  For now, check out the awesome action shots.  The lighting in the gym was a nightmare, so the timing is far from perfect, but none the less, some are pretty sweet.

The little one mastering the balance beam.

Balance beam dismount!

Straddle Jumps


Ginger said...

So adorable!

I've been wondering when the soonest we can put J in a gymnastics class is. Since he started doing somersaults shortly after he turned one...oh, and i think it'd be a good way to burn some of his energy!

ChiGirl said...

Those pictures are just adorable!!! I can imagine it's quite a conflict to decide whether or not to have her in more serious classes. It's such a young age and kids have so few years to be kids and have fun with things!