04 November 2011

Pulling The Plug

One of the many advantages to Chris not being on a boat right now is that we no longer needed a land line.  Of course, once we got rid of that, we suddenly realized just how much we were paying for cable. This inspired us to try an experiment.

Can a house full of TV junkies (mostly me, the kids are actually not that into TV) survive with no cable TV?

As it turns out we totally can.  I often find that I am not watching TV in "real time" anyway so the difference between watching outdated shows OnDemand and watching them on Netflix or Hulu is not that noticeable. 

The kids are very into Yo Gabba Gabba and Super Why so they are not phased.  Heck, watching the same episode a million times is basically pre-schooler crack so that is Win-Win.  They are also avid consumers of the library DVD collection so that keeps it "fresh."

Currently I am working my way through the BBC version of Being Human.  It is amazing.  Not to be all "everything is better in Europe," but it is far superior to the American version.  Darker, funnier and way less time spent explaining the details.  Love it!

So there you have it.  We are the kind of family who doesn't have cable.  Oh my, could we be any more hipster?


Ginger said...

Until about 2 weeks ago, I thought there was no chance I could ever do that. But honestly, I'm starting to wonder. We watch almost nothing in real time, and goodness knows we could stand to save the $$.

Hmmm, food for thought.