27 November 2011


Today I took just Lizzie to the grocery store and on the way home spotted my first Yule tree on a car roof rack.  In a moment of pure excitement I yelled "Christmas Tree Point."  Lizzie dutifully yelled back "kiss tree pint" and while it was adorable I realized...well I realized that I probably sounded like a crazy person...but I also realized that now the "Christmas Tree Game" of my childhood can be part of my kids' lives.  For the uninitiated the game is basically that while you are out cruising around (an activity that makes up 137% of the average suburban day) you keep your eyes peeled for Yule trees.  On cars, in trunks and being wrestled into garages.  If you see it and call it first, you get a point.  I am not sure we ever really kept score, but we were always ruthlessly vigilant about looking for those trees.  As we grew older and spent less time driving together the game faded, though when out together we can still be counted on to shout if a tree is spotted.  Chris may not be as into this idea as I am.  No matter, Charlie can learn the rules tomorrow.  So excited.

I also plan to revive another family tradition.  Every summer we has "The Great Reading Race."  A sheet of poster board was hung and when you finished an age appropriate book, you put it on the list.  Some years it was number of books, some years we did number of pages so periodicals could count.  There were many variations, but we were always having "the race."  It may be a slow start since all kid related reading still requires adult participation, but with two parents actually home and an entire library at out disposal, I bet we can rack up quite the reading list by the start of Kindergarten. 

Maybe it is the holidays. Maybe my kids are just finally aging into being humans.  Either way, I am excited that we can revive some of my family traditions and keep growing our own. 


Sarah said...

I am loving the Christmas Tree Point game. We had a game that we called the nickel game that we played with my grandparents on long car trips that was a spotting/spying the first game.