08 December 2011

Catching Up

My little break turned into quite a hiatus, but here we are once again.  I have lots of random stuff (plus some questions) so lets just jump in shall we?
  • Serious holiday crafting getting done here.  The most grueling part was doing the photo shoot of all the finished projects.  I will get those up on the Full Of Knit as soon as possible pending delivery.
  • Chris' job is picking up and turning out to be amazing.  It is perfect since he gets to head out the door just as the kids are waking and generally arrives home minutes after they fall asleep.  Not that I am bitter or anything... No really, I am glad he is loving his new assignment and the fact that everyone seems to love him so we can probably make a niche spot and stay here until our time in the Navy is done.
  • Read an amazing book: Tinsel by Hank Stuever.  It examines Christmas via the lives of classic middle/upper middle class Texas households.  Funny, poignant and delivering some hard universal truths about American Christmas, this is a must read.
  • Holiday gifts for preschool teachers?  Just the main teachers in her room?  Everyone who works with her?  The center director?  AHHHH!  I am a total first timer and I have no idea what to do.
  • Today is the two month anniversary of the family's "best day ever" when Chris left the boat for the last time.  You know what?  It still feels damn good.
  • Ran my second 5K last weekend.  Ran more of it, it was way easier, but I went 6 seconds slower.  Not really bummed about the time, but seriously bummed that I have not run since due to the shooting pain in my one shin that will not resolve.  May have to suck it up and see a doctor.  Hopefully I can be OK and run another on New Year's Day.  Ironically the longer my running intervals, the slower I go, but whatever, just got to get it done.


ChiGirl said...

I vote for just the main teachers. That's what I always did with my daughter's preschool--unless you have a really good relationship with the director.