01 January 2012

Checking In On 2011

Lets drag out last year's list of goals and see how we fared, then I can plan some new goals for 2012.
For me:
  • Get fitter and lose some weight. -I lost 20 pounds and have kept it off.  I ran two 5Ks and have become a running fanatic.  I have a long way to go on my fitness goals, but this one was a major success.
  • Do the 52 Books in 52 Weeks Challenge-Nailed it.  Look for a list of good reads coming soon.
  • Develop the blog- I made it as far as getting this and the crafting blog set up as ".com"s but this area needs some more work.  Blogging goals will definitely be part of the 2012 to-do list.
  • Keep crafting-I did a lot of crafting this year, though I did a very bad job blogging about it. This one counts as a success.
  • Revamp my wardrobe- Did fair to middling on this one.  I am stymied by the fact that in order to keep up the fitness goals, I often have to sacrifice putting on real clothes.  The trade-off being that while I may be at school drop off in compression tights, I know I can get on the treadmill the second the opportunity presents itself.  This area could still use some work.
For my Family:
  • Do some light home schooling- Total fail. However, the girls have been taking advantage of many educational activities (story, pre-school, tumbling, museums etc) so I guess all hope is not lost. 
  • Clean less, play more- I am getting better about letting go, I still prefer a clean house, but I am more realistic about where it should be prioritized.
  • Set some serious savings goals-I did not make my big goal, but despite the detachment for cause, and the resulting loss of spot promotion/sea pay, we are in very good financial standing.  College for the girls is under control, we are debt free and able to keep saving.  Sounds good to me.
  • Make better food choices- This one is going well.  It waxes and wanes, but generally we try and make healthy choices.  I certainly cook more interesting things and the kids are broadening their willingness to try new things.  
2011 was a pretty good year, lets see what 2012 has to offer...