08 January 2012


It only took a week, but I think I am ready to declare some resolutions.  I am trying to make my "resolutions" short, sweet and all-encompassing.  Instead of setting discrete goals (lose 5 pounds, run 5 miles etc.) I am going to try and stick with a few key reminders of what I would like to do this year.
  1. Move more:  This can be more running, doing the full run of Insanity or just getting outside with the kids more often.  Do something, even if it is only ten minutes of stretching before bed, every day.  
  2. Make conscious choices:  This one hits on pretty much every aspect of my life.  I do so much on auto-pilot that just being aware of what choices I am making (or that I am even making them...hello mindlessly eating cupcakes...oy) will hopefully help me make better ones.  
  3. Be more present: this is somewhat a corollary to #2 but I am sick of just getting through life, I want to enjoy more of it.  Spend more time with my kids without splitting my attention between them and laundry, plan more family trips and make the most of this sea duty free time since goddess knows it could end in the blink of an eye.
  4. Be move ready:  I don't see a move in our future any time soon, but the idea that we could be sent anywhere at any time is the motivation to keep the house clean-ish, clutter free and organized.  I currently have the house at a point where if packers arrived tomorrow, we would be pretty much set.  I hope to keep it that way. 
  5. Make personal relationships matter:  Just try and be a bit better at being a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mom and a friend.  I am not a social creature by nature and I know that sometimes that makes it hard for me to put in the kind of personal leg work that these relationships deserve. 
I think this should keep me busy for the year.  I have lots of little specific goals I would love to meet, but they less about how I want to try and live my life, and more about little personal milestones.  Perhaps I will jump on the bandwagon of bloggers who keep those running lists.  Seems like it could be fun.