19 January 2012


Things here have been kind of rough the past few days.  The kids have been possessed by some kind of evil spirits.  Or maybe the opposite of spirits...like they are now androids sent to destroy earth via frequency of whining.  ("Frequency" meaning both the irritating nature of the actual sound produced and  the excessive rate of whines per minute (spoken WPM)) Either way, holy crap have they been driving me crazy.  After a fit of tantrums last night because they "don't like how Daddy reads stories" they now live in a police state that basically amounts to them being ignored 45 minutes out of every hours because frankly, I will not deal with this shit any longer.  You want to whine and cry, go for it, I have laundry to fold, socks to knit and books to read.  Knock yourself out.

So, this post was going to the usual whine about how hard it is to parent, and be a SAHP and how kids are ungrateful little bottomless pits of need, but then it started snowing.  And the world looks clean.  Now there is a fun thing to do in the morning (play in the snow while I shovel) and the whole mood has changed.  Charlie was still up when I came to get in bed and start blogging.  I picked her up and held her while we looked out the window and watched the fat snowflakes cover the swing set.  She got that look in her eyes, you know the one where your kid is just amazed by how awesome the world is, and all was forgiven and forgotten.

You know what?  My kids are awesome, my husband is awesome and my life...it is also pretty awesome.  Funk is now over.  I am declaring it and so it shall be.