26 January 2012

Tangential Though Processes

I wish I could say that I have not been blogging because we have been super busy, but really we haven't.  It has been the kind of weeks where everything happens, yet nothing happens at all.  I certainly have time to blog, but by the end of the day all the cool things I was going to talk about have vacated my head and all I manage to do is watch The Vampire Diaries (Ian Somerhalder...that is all.) and knit.  I know, does the fun ever start?

The running is going.  Not well, or poorly, but just going.  It feels harder and I am getting consistently slower...somehow that seems contrary to the entire point of doing a training plan, but what do I know anyway.  I guess what matters is that I am doing it.  Of course, doing it will be getting harder since Liz has decided to quit napping.  This leaves me with two horrible choices: run at night when Chris gets home (hopefully before 8pm) or run in the early morning (early=5am wake-up call to ensure that the kids don't just wake up anyway).  FWIW running with the jogger is kind of out unless I also commit to driving to a running location where the hills are not too dangerous to maneuver and running with her awake is out because she is not yet at the point where she will not try and play with the treadmill.  I guess I need to make a hard choice about how much this running thing is worth to me.  Also: WTF is 30 minutes a day for me too much to ask?  Yes, it really is.

The Navy is being its usual self, so we are deploying the head hunters and planing on leaving, probably sometime this year.  Basically the Navy said if you don't want to take this second chance sea tour offer (that you don't get to know what it is or even if we will let you take one until after you agree to do it no matter what) then we don't want to deal with you. Long story short, no one has the balls to say "you're fired, here is your severance" nor does anyone have the balls to say "we need to keep this guy."  Since no one can nut up and make a choice that might interfere with their ability to ass-kiss their way into a a promotion, the goal is to force all the ugly decisions onto us and well, we have reached a threshold for the degradation ritual.  Peace out people.  I won't beg for the privilege, thanks though. Granted there are a few positions that would keep us in the Navy, but really, they now need to be cooler than what we can find out in industry.  All offers are now fully equal so lets see who is ready to actually produce a job that suits us.  The silver lining is that getting to go do whatever we want wherever we want is super exciting.  A year from now I might be blogging from any number of awesome places.

Hopefully this brief post will get me over my slump since I have 8 half-written posts on my computer and a list a mile long of what I want to do with the blogs.   Step one (cut a hole in the box) was to clear the decks and start again with some new graphics/buttons/pictures and so on.  I also need to get going on the Twitter thing and recognize that, in terms of blogging, Facebook is dead so lets just not even pretend on that one. 

Now to bed since Liz has croup and I, apparently, need to get up at 5 so I can go suck wind on the hilly backwoods roads of suburban CT.  Living the dream baby.  Just living the dream.


Ginger said...

Ok, I was totally going to leave you a sympathetic comment about the Navy being assholes, but then you went ahead and threw in that (cut a hole in the box) line and I've been laughing too hard since then to be serious.

But I will say, I always look forward to seeing you pop up in my reader more!