28 February 2012

Cross Virginia Off The List

In the fine tradition of Georgia and Mississippi Virginia tried to play the "personhood amendment" game as well as trying to pull a fast one on women everywhere.  Ideally new laws would require all women seeking a pregnancy termination to undergo a trans-vaginal ultrasound...regardless of their consent.  Thankfully this did not pass in full either, though many states do require borderline excessive use of counseling and ultrasound appointments for any women seeking this service and that is still a problem.

It is a problem for all the usual feminist reasons,  This targets women.  This removes our autonomy over our own bodies in deference to the autonomy of the male ruling class. This applies religious punishment/guilt morality to what should be a personal medical decision.  Frankly it is just plain rude, invasive and misogynistic.  You all know how I feel about these things, a quick scan of my posts will effectively rehash those points to death.

However, the key point here, the point that many are over looking as we get on our feminist/pro-choice vs. religious/pro-life soapboxes is that this issue is much bigger than abortions.  This is an issue that is fundamentally about human rights. Specifically it is about protecting the rights of every American to make their own medical decisions.  If this passes, all feminist issues aside, it means there is legal precedence for the governing body to tell doctors what they will, or will not, do to our bodies without our legal consent.  Today it is forcing government imposed rape (and it does meet the state definition of rape as a crime), tomorrow it is limitations of access to medications, forcing people to diet until they meet the magical weight guidelines and parents being arrested because they choose not to give their kid the flu shot. 

This is a veritable Pandora's Box of infringement upon the basic rights we so dearly love as Americans.  For people who claim we need less government involvement, the far-right sure seems giddy with excitement about regulating my medical care. Am I the only one confused here?