21 February 2012


**Updates below! **

Liz was up four times last night.  I am so exhausted that I could barely hold myself up at the library today.  Two cups of coffee are not even touching this.  I do not want to force my legs to schlep along on the treadmill.

I tell myself to can it and get going, if you don't workout when you are tired you will never workout.

Kids fight naps and getting them settled takes forever.

Well, yeah, I mean, do we even need to go there?

It takes three tries to get my running shoes on in a manner where I am fairly sure there is not a boulder glued to the liner.

Quit being a diva.

The iPod is uncharged, my phone won't connect to our WiFi and Pandora is only streaming shitty songs.

Music is a tool not the focus of your runs.

Phone falls off the treadmill and smashed into wall, I have to stop and retrieve it.

Keep going, this is not your ticket out.

Phone falls again, trips me and sends me plunging off the side of the treadmill.

Get back up, this is what athletes do, they just get on with it.

Feeling tired, woozy and like I might puke while jogging along at a paltry 13 minute pace...

OK.  Fine. You win.

Th universe has not only worked to make me fat and out-of-shape, but now forces are endlessly conspiring to keep me that way.   Add this day to a terrible run while in NY and a required rest day because my legs were that sore and I am so ready to break up with running.  I am in the trench of the sine curve that is running related bliss and it sucks.

So what now?  I am not sure.  All I know is that I have a 5K in three weeks.  While I can comfortably, and safely, complete it doing my fail-safe intervals, I am not likely to show any progress.  Sure 99% of the goal is just to keep doing it, but that 1% where it might be nice to see a reward looms so large.

For now, I will take the hint and cross train for the rest of the week.  I will content myself with working out in other ways.  I will, however, refuse to like it.  The universe may force me to stop running, but it can't force me to be happy about it.  How is that for winning attitude?

UPDATE: Now my knee is sore and slightly puffy so no running for at least a handful of days.  Great, not only am I going to totally fail to open at this 5K, my "running injury" is a result of me being a jackass who can't stay upright on a (slow moving) treadmill.  #humiliating