06 February 2012

Running Junkie

Well, the obsession does seem to spread like a disease.  After a few weeks of super bad runs, followed by a week off just because of that pesky "life" thing, I am back in the saddle and starting to love it again.  Now it is all I can think about.  I am excited to run every day (even though I am on the "deadmill" thanks to Chris being away for work for a while) and I am actually looking forward to my 5K in March.  Now I am getting consistently slower, an unfortunate occurrence that leaves me baffled, but whatever, slow running is still running.  I am trying very hard to dodge the mentality that seems rampant in the community that you only count as a "real runner" if you are super fast, ever improving and running "real races" like marathons and ultras.  Frankly I will be quite pleased to just squeeze in 30 minutes of exercise a day and start logging some consistent 5Ks. 

Of course the retail aspect helps a lot.  There is so much cool stuff.  Now, don't get me wrong, running can be a very simple sport.  Some decent shoes and a good sports bra (for all you ladies out there, heed that advice, just trust me) are all you really need.  You can run in whatever makes your heart sing and the world is your track.  However, hang out in this world for long enough and it becomes all about the gear.  Soon yoga pants and old college t-shirts don't cut it.  You need compression tights and technical shirts and special socks and a fuel belt for all you running specific drinks and gels and chews...you get the idea. I am convinced I need a GPS watch, and I have no less than 3 running apps on my phone. To cap it all off: there are the shoes.  OMG the shoes.  I am no longer a girl who desires the perfect black pump or this season's knee high boot.  Now I am a girl who can wax nostalgic for hours on the relative merits of hundreds of sneakers.   Minimalist, neutral, structured, shock absorbing, recycled, oh my!  Needless to say I went shoe shopping with Alicen, theoretically for her, but then some Brooks PureConnects just happened to fall into my stroller.  I am in love.

See? Spreading like a disease.

Also doing a modified version of this One Thousand Challenge (Thanks to Heidi for pointing it out!) where I am subbing out push-ups for side lunges.  I need to look good in a matron of honor dress by August...momma needs to tone these arms!   To keep myself on track I am posting my miles/times/splits as well as my count towards 1000 here on the blog.  Feel free to bust my balls if I don't keep on this, I could use the motivation.

I guess if you have to be obsessed with something, fitness is not really a bad choice.