27 February 2012

Surprising Sountracks

Today is Monday and Mondays always still feels like "List Day" so here is one for your enjoyment.

Recently I raided Chris' music collection for some new workout tunes and have found some songs that are perfect for running.  You might not think these would be good for getting going, but give them a whirl and let me know.
  • Follow You, Follow Me by Genesis- This is my parents song and I put it on there for kicks.  As it turns out it is a great slow/easy pace song.  Good for warmups, cool downs and when you just need to log those miles with some pleasant distraction.
  • Bartholomew by The Silent Comedy-  I met this song via the Dark Souls trailer (still want that game BTW) and have fallen in love with it.  Perfect for hill work (just keep pumping, you can do it) and pounding out pushups.  This one make me feel like a total badass.
  • White and Nerdy by Weird Al- This is pretty much about my life and laughing helps distract from the sucking wind and aching shins.
  • Night Moves by Bob Seger- I have always liked this song and it is great for easy/recovery runs.  slow and steady so you can just cruise and run the day away.
  • If I Had A Hammer by Peter, Paul and Mary-  This has a good beat and catchy lyrics, plus I dare you to hear Mary Travers belt out "its a hammer of justice, its a bell of freeeeeedom" and not feel motivated to run like the wind.