15 March 2012

The Carb Conundrum

So grain carbs and I need to end our long standing relationship.  Things just aren't working out, clearly we want different thing.  For example:  Carbs want me to be a giant bloated blob of water retention and I want me to be a fit athletic machine.  Now I need to address two main points before I get into the unfortunate rub that this lifestyle choice seems to entail.
  1. I am not into the hipster fad of Paleo.   I don't think that modern food is the devil.  I don't think that grain carbs are bad for you.  I honestly do not care what tribal man would have done.  Tribal man only lived to see 30 (if tribal  man was lucky) and tribal momma lost 90% of her young in the first year.  So, just, you know, some perspective.
  2. Grain carbs and I need to break-up because I have a problem eating them in a responsible manner.  I suspect that this is linked my history of depression.  My body has generally done a piss-poor job regulating its use of various body chemicals so the fact that it totally overreacts with happiness when confronted with cake is not a shock.  A bitter disappointment, but not a shock.  Granted this is all pseudo-science, but I kind of know in my gut (pun possibly intended) that the two are related and that cold-turkey may be the only way to go.
It would seem obvious that the answer to this problem is to cut out grain carbs and sugar.  And so I did.  Now, it went really well in that I did eventually stop craving carbs and the weight crept down by a pound or so every few days.  The bad news is that my ass was dragging.  I was seriously considering skipping my 5K because I could barely run a mile without seeing stars and feeling like I would chuck it.  I was sucking wind through workouts and barely dragging myself out of bed in the morning.  Last nigh after a day that would not end and a terrible, positively barf inducing two miles with the jogger I cracked and ate some Indian food with rice.  This morning I felt human again and cleaned most of the (otherwise neglected) house. 

So what am I to do?  I probably can't have the body I want if I don't lay off the grain carbs.  I have to quit them, not just "lay off them" because well, I am wired WAY wrong. But, I can't train the way I want to if I don't eat some carbs to stave off the light-headed-puke-fest that running can be if you are not properly fueled. 

Looks like I have come to a real crossroads where I finally have to chose, once and for all, between getting as fit as I want (a half-marathon has a nice ring to it) and looking the way I want (is being a size 10 too much to ask?)...basically I hate this.  I should be grateful that this is my biggest worry right now (see item #1 re: hipster BS), but I am not.  Actually I am totally bumming and thus, really want a cupcake.  Blergh.


Christine said...

I think so many people struggle with this major problem with carbs. One of the thing I like about weight watchers is that no foods are off limits because I don't ever think I could attempt something where all sugar was off limits long-term. What if you tried to avoid trigger foods (for me that means reese pb cups, cake, brownies, etc...) in your house but allowed certain foods that you could maintain portion control wtih. Then again, doesn't 1 cup of pasta look very sad in anything less than a cereal bowl? lol Also, have you tried Gu Energy Gels or Nuun electrolyte water or other things meant for runners? Maybe that would help a bit.

Alexis said...

@Christine Yeah, I may need to jump back on the WW thing just to retrain my eye/body to a proper serving of grains. It is hard though, especially since I stopped WW b/c months of measuring, weighing and counting led to ZERO loss after the first 20 pounds. The GU did help, you are spot on for that one, the only reason I was running, at all, was due to Chocolate Outrage GU and the way it could stave off the dizzy sickness for those critical 15 minutes. This blows, but I guess I do know what I need to do.