02 March 2012

This Week Can Die In A Fire

I can't really say that this week was especially bad, but it sure did run us over then back up to finish the job.  I had quite a few things to post about, but instead, you get this shotgun blast of random:
  • I have come to the conclusion that a shockingly high number of my Navy-Wife friends are uber-conservatives.  I have brought this up before, but thanks to it being an election year, it is coming up a lot.  I mention it now because it really brings up a bigger point that Chris and I often discuss: the super conservative "we are always right because we say so and therefore it must be right"  mentality is perfectly designed for the "of course we are doing it the stupid way, the stupid way is what we do" mentality of the submarine force.  On some level it doesn't surprise me that people who do very well in this field as often far-righters.  Makes sense in an odd kind of way.  See also:  so ready to be done.  I always kind of hated it, but now, it has become so very clear just why I hate it.
  • On that note I have to go to a Navy function tomorrow and I am thisclose to getting stress hives about it because...well, really just because. This is technically for a good cause (Dolphin Scholarship Fund.  Scholarships for kids of Navy service members...not scholarships for dolphins, though that might be money better spent...), but it feels so much like those $500 a plate cancer awareness dinner that I so dislike.  Also, there is a certain "showmanship" aspect that requires attendees to participate in the hokey "selling" of whatever their command donated to the auction.  Imagine all your worst middle school "ice-breaker" activities performed by adults in an environment of mandatory fun and enthusiasm.  I have seen hell for introverts. This is it.
  • My best girlfriend is moving to Hawaii (spoken "wicked far away") and I am super depressed about it.  I know this is just adulthood, but we were Navy-newbies together, I would have never even survived our JO tour without her and now she will be very far away.  A little piece of my heart is getting on a plane soon, and it is very hard to accept that.
  • On the upside I got stuff done here on the blogs.  New headers (still ambivalent about them),  and new buttons on posts.  Feeling better about getting back on top of the whole blogging thing.
  • Lastly, we need to go car shopping this weekend.  Chris' car was totaled when he got back-ended waiting to make a left turn off the main drag onto our road.  (Listen up fuckweasles: quit tailgating!)  Thank goddess he is fine, though seeing the tire marks on the road every time we leave the development make my stomach heave, but the car is toast.  Now, I am grateful that he is fine, and I feel blessed that we have/can afford great insurance and that we can get a replacement car and pay cash, but damnit man, buying a car is a huge pain in the ass.  Oh well, almost anything will be an upgrade from this:
Yes, that IS sheared metal.  Yes, this DID scare the shit out of me.

Chris was totally fine.  ACURA?  Worth every goddamn penny.
Annnnnndddddd.......scene.  I know I feel better.  How about you, has this week just been a total killer or what?


Alicen said...

Yeah, this week has pretty much sucked ass! Well, make that the last 2 weeks. I had so many things I wanted to do these past couple weeks and did ZERO. At this point it's not time that I can make up but I guess it's time to put on those big girl panties.

There are few things I will miss from CT but you guys are one of them! I am thankful to have you in my life and we'll just have to get much better about calling. Oh and if Chris gets a real job with things like vacation time, I know somewhere you can go!

Here's to the says starting to look up however I don't think that day is today for me since I'm quite certain I broke my toe this morning. I do know one thing, tomorrow is something to look forward to!

Alicen said...

Oh that last paragraph should say "days"...