29 March 2012

You Know You Love My Random Babble...

These are all things that I am probably going to expand on eventually, but for now I just need to clear my head.  There are so many ideas pinging around in here that I can hardly write about anything without a million tangential ideas butting in.  So, in particular order:
  • My house is clean.  Super, insanely clean.  I meant to just tidy up since we have people coming this weekend, but instead managed to do the entirety of my spring cleaning and sorting.  (The Sudafed induced high may have been a contributing factor.  After all, when you are coughing hard enough to taste blood, three days of intense physical labor seems like such an obvious choice.) In addition to a clean house I discovered two homemade/green cleaning things that really do work.
    • Window Cleaner: 1/2 tsp soap, 3 T white vinegar, 1/2 tsp cornstarch, 2 cups warm water. Shake it up, spray it on, wipe it off.  This stripped a winters worth of fireplace dust off my windows and left then streak free and shiny.
    • Dishwasher Detergent: equal parts baking soda and Borax.  Shove "some" in the dishwasher (I use an old formula scoop I found buried in a drawer) and go.  If you are really feeling it, toss some white vinegar in your rinse agent thingie.  Not required, but it does make for a nice finish.
  • Trouble is brewing in the submarine force.  Another ENG was fired this week.  Much like Chris he has just passed the big reactor safety exam and then he was out on his buns.  There is so much here we need to discuss, but the highlights include: terrible training, generational bias and tax-payer supported psychological hazing.  Oh boy, it is good times around here, yes it is.
  • I am obsessed with the show Supernatural.  Not only is it cute, funny and full of young men who are easy on the eyes, but it provides constant homage to great horror flicks.  I am a huge fan of horror movies (like real ones, not like the SAW conglomerate) and this show tickles all the right spots. Also, the classic rock soundtrack may be single-handedly keeping me in running songs.
  • Election politics provide endless amusement as always.  The constant war on women and all things not normalized by the white-Christian-male serves to both depress me that these people exist and inspire me at how easy a win this will be for the Democratic party.  Chris and I have been discussing a lot just why the far-right hates sex.  Is it because it a past-time of the poor?  Because the Bible says so?  Maybe they just aren't doing it right...
  • Charlie designed her own board/card game.  Is that not the craziest thing you have ever seen?  What kind of 4.5 year-old designs a game?  I am clearly in way over my head with this one. See also: did Kindergarten registration today and I am sobbing on the inside.  My baby!  My sweet first baby!  Where did the years go?
And now, a sigh of relief.  My head is clear(er) and I can trundle off to bed.  Simply must blog more so this stops happening....


Ginger said...

Wow, she's already designing her own games? Go Kiddo!