15 April 2012

Book Review Sunday

The 52 Books in 52 Weeks Challenge is going well.   I updated the list to include what I am pretty sure is comprehensive list of books read to date.  The good news is that my library will keep a list for you of everything you have checked out so I can track what I read.  The bad news is that you need to turn that feature on manually (for obvious privacy reasons) and I had not done that until last week. Oh well, I may have missed a few, but even with some percent error I am on track for this year.   So far everything I have read has been great.

I highly recommend The Percy Jackson Series by Rick Riordan.  I also started his Kane Chronicles and they seem promising as well.  In other young adult series I am loving the House of Night Series by P.C. Cast & Kristin Cast.  It is very "teeny," but nicely paced and the books flow well from one to the next.  At first I kind of felt like it took 300 pages of plot to resolve a conflict in the last chapter, but I soon realized that this makes the books merge seamlessly.  Apparently this is a literary technique that works, but only if done correctly.

So far my favorite book this year has been Weird Sisters by Eleanor Brown.  Three sisters, all very different who wind up at home to "help" their parents while their mother undergoes breast cancer treatments.   Having grown up as the oldest of a trio of sisters, this book totally nailed that experience.  This borders on "chick-lit" with a heavy dose of  everything working out a bit too well in the end, but the author's voice and story-telling ability more than make up for it.  This is the one you must try.


Sarah said...

I have read all the house of night books to date. Sometimes it feels like it takes one book to solve one problem, while somewhere in there, creating another to solve in the next book. I guess this is how they can keep crancking them out, so we will keep purchasing/ reading them.