20 April 2012


Whooo-weee this week has dragged on by.  For some reason I am just knackered.  Fridays still always feel like a good day for random bit and pieces, so lets get to it.
  • We are officially out of submarines.  Technically it goes on paper as having had Chris' "Detached for Cause" approved.  In reality, it was approved because Chris declined the (multiple, shady back-room) offers to return to sea.  I guess someone wised up and realized that keeping Chris in the Navy is a better long term plan than forcing him back to sea and thus guaranteeing that he drops a letter as soon as his contract is up.  The next steps are hazy, but he has many options and is currently being "groomed" by several civilian government contract employers to make the jump from doing this job as a uniform to doing this job as a civilian.  I think we have concluded that we want to stay in this area and well, there are jobs a plenty so I am less worried about the change, and more excited about our opportunities, both in the Navy and out here in the "real world."
  • Apparently I felt my life was lacking in "little things that require my constant TLC" so we are doing an extensive container garden on the back deck with plants we have grown from seedlings.  I can now add to my daily chore list: putting seedlings out in AM, pulling seedlings in for PM, watering and chasing squirrels away from out little plant babies.  I am very excited though having figured out how to grow even "land greedy" plants like zucchini and pumpkins in containers. Also, if you plan to container garden, get thee to a Dollar Tree.  Ugly black pots at garden stores are $2.50 a pop for flimsy icky ones.  Sturdy buckets in primary colors are only a buck at my beloved Dollar Tree and after a quick speed date with our cordless drill, full of drainage holes and ready to go.  For the price of 5 containers at Home Depot I got a dozen cute ones that are even large enough to support the tomato cages I am using to train all the vine-y stuff.  Maybe this will be the year the plants survive my black thumb.
  • My mom and sister have planted in my head the desire to try Shellac/Soak-off Gel nail polishes.  It seems to be a system by which you apply the special gel polish and cure it with a special light.  Now your manicure is supposed to last a few weeks and protect your nail like a full set of acrylics/gels without the damage to the underlying nail.  Mum and sis have ordered the kit so I am curious to try it out.  I really want to try it on my toes in the hopes that I can halt the slow but steady progress towards having no toenails thanks to running. 
  • Chris is undertaking a sizable wood working project.  The end goal is a custom table top gaming table and it promises to be pretty cool.  The whole thing started when I found the perfect fabric for the top at my favorite discount fabric store (Affordable Fabrics if anyone is local).  Pictures to follow as the project takes shape.  If it works out well, I think he should publish the plans since we are surely not the only person who would like to own such a thing.  
  • I am in a bit of a blogging dilemma.  Having attended  the Submarine Birthday Ball (in what was, ironically, on of our last days as a submarine family) I have so much to talk about.  At the forefront of my mind is that I want to discuss a really important point that was perfectly exemplified by a speech given by Chris' boss.  However, I can't dredge up that example without strongly pointing to a specific boat, a boat where some of the wives are fellow bloggers.  I don't want to cause an uproar, but I think these things need to be said and need to be publicized, especially since half the story I have to tell is already out there on a publicly available blog.  Even using the obvious safety screen of OPSEC rules and a sharp awareness of non-disclosure policy, it maybe quite clear just what I am talking about.  What does one do?  You can't "censor" your blog to avoid conflict, but it is hard to say things that might bother people you actually know. 
Okay!  Now weekend......GO!  We are off to meet Chris for a lunch date, something that people who work in normal offices get to do and something that was never, ever a possibility when he was on a boat.  The novelty may never wear off.  It has only taken seven months, but we are becoming more and more like normal people every day. 


Alicen said...

I would say that's a great start to the weekend! Congrats on officially being free from boat life :)

Also I was looking through the herbology and wanted to tell you that the buckets were a brilliant idea! We always caved and bought the containers (only 2 or 3 however) but I never even thought about alternatives. Thanks for bringing it to mind, hopefully I'll be able to put it to use soon.

The gel manicures are quite awesome. I haven't done it but I've had a handful of people I know that have gotten them done and they really do last weeks instead of hours. One of them was my good friend who, like me, has her nails chip before she is even out of the salon with a normal manicure. She was telling me they lasted 2 weeks and held up well. I was strongly considering have a manicure done lately but perhaps I should look into the cost of a kit. Of course since our mail seems to be so screwed up I should probably wait until we move.

Also I will be looking forward to pictures of this elaborate gaming table. Chris doesn't strike me as the woodworking type! I bet he is thrilled to actually have the time now to do projects like that.

Miss you guys!!