29 April 2012

Growing Up

My kids are getting bigger.  Now they are actually kids instead of toddlers.  This is wonderful in so many ways.  For example today we went out to eat and it required no special gear beyond grabbing our Memory Game for entertainment.  No sippy cups, no diapers, no snacks to compensate for a kid who can only eat three organic-allegen-free-non-dairy food products.  Nothing.  Amazing right?  This gig does come with some perks after all.  Naturally along with all this cool stuff (bunk beds! putting on your own underwear!) comes some stupid, but stressful choices to make. 

The biggie is Liz and her carseat.  I just had to move the straps to the highest level on her Britax Marathon.  Sure the thing is good to 65 pounds, but what happens when she is too tall for the straps? At 3 years old?   Charlie moved to a belt positioning booster at 4.5 and 40 pounds having maxed out the height, but by no means the weight, on hers.  Liz is now in a phase where she is not gaining weight as quickly, but man is she gaining inches.  I tried to Google this (always a mistake) and basically I am going straight to bad-mom hell just for asking. Sure everyone should rear-face until they are 30, but what do you do if your kid has outgrown the specs on the typically approved guidelines?  I will ask the pediatrician this week just so I can know before the day arrives that her head rises, like a giant pumpkin shaped skyscraper, above the back of her seat.  

Side Note:  I am so over the fear culture thing with parenting.  Especially since, lets face it, when I say "parenting" I really mean mothering.  From the second you pee on that stick your entire life becomes controlled by the guidelines that "they" determine are safe and perfect for every kid.  Heaven forbid you trust your gut, or have a kid that falls outside the specs.   When did being the most sensationalist safety freak become a mark of not only good parenting, but genuine moral superiority.  Just enough already.  Do not let the fear culture of parenting become the last safe haven for anti-feminist discourse.

The other dilemma, and major first world problem so feel free to just stop reading now, is the stroller.  I love our double, but we don't really use it that often anymore. Right now I am trying to juggle the fact that I will have to be doing more running with a jogger if I want to keep running (amazing how Chris working way less is translating into lots more time for him to go do his stuff, but is not making my desire to run sans kids any easier...hmmmm) and the fact that Charlie is really past the point where she needs to ride in one.  Since stuffing her in a stroller is strictly a matter of indulging my desire to get out for a workout, seems a bit selfish to keep doing that to her.  I think I want to sell the double an upgrade to a better single jogger since come the fall worst case scenario will have one kid at any given time during school-related hours and just let go of the idea that we use strollers for anything beyond running.  My kids really do walk like 95% of the places we go so I think I just need to let this go. 

As excited as I am to see my kids growing up, some stuff seems so symbolic of time slipping through my hands.  *sob*


Sarah said...

I've had a similar issue with running and the twins. I haven't found a way to be able to run with the kids. The husbands schedule makes finding time to run without the children problematic.

I've tried mutliple ways such as having them ride their bikes, walking with me, following in their power wheels truck, but nothing works and leaves me more frustrated and without a run.

They are 4 years old and really too old and big for a stroller, however it seems that shoving them into a double jogging stroller is the only way I can run. I don't have a double jogging stroller and do not wish to buy one solely for this purpose. But then again, what can I do?!

Alicen said...

Ahhhh the stroller conundrum...that never seems to end!

As you know I recently purchased a super cheap ($40) double solely to run with. Very soon after we arrived on island I realized that the only way I was going to be able to run was to get one. With a husband working 7 days a week from about 5 am to 8 pm (except weekends, he may get home at 2) there is no other way. I found it hilarious that I was buying a double when my kids were 5.5 and almost 3 but honestly, now, I am glad I did and for the price I paid it was worth every penny.

I feel bad for a few reasons but then decided that it only happens 2x/week usually, if that, and only for 30 mins so they can deal. It's a tight squeeze for Nathan but must not be too bad because he doesn't complain. It gets me some exercise and gets them out of the house, plus usually includes a trip to the playground so it's a win all around. I am done putting myself last on at least this one aspect. My health is important and it's time to make it more of a priority so I'm shelling out the money for bootcamp w/ childcare and will indulge in 30 mins of running with the kids strapped in. I have also found that they seem to enjoy it. They talk to each other about the birds and the mountains and how fast they are going. I am changing my views and don't view it selfishly anymore. It means that I will be around longer for them and be physically able to do so much more with them. I am being a good example for them so that, when they are much older, they will realize being active and exercising is healthy.

Anyway, I sympathize with you Alexis because stroller debates are always the worst (the exception being carseats)! If you ask me it's one of the worst parts about parenting! I feel that if you really want to let it go then do it but if you really want to run with it, don't feel bad and just go! Not that running with a double is fun but it serves it's purpose I suppose. A couple more years and they will all be in school and we will no longer be debating car seats and strollers!

Hugs from Hawaii :)