10 April 2012

The Post PAX East Post

Chris and I spent the past weekend at PAX, a huge gaming event hosted by Penny Arcade and crew.  It was amazing and I have so much to talk about now.  I can not recommend attending highly enough.  It was hands down the best organized con I have ever attended and the exhibitors/forums were phenomenal.  Things happened when scheduled, the shuttles ran smoothly, the participants were generally agreeable and friendly and all the staff was fully able to answer questions or (wait for it, this bit is amazing) fully prepared to find you an answer if they did not have one.  Huge kudos to PA for a bang-up con.

I do plan to blog about the stuff we did and the amazing panels we saw (I breathed the same air as Geek Dad/ Geek Mom writers...still too excited to sleep!), but first I want to to discuss an interesting experience I had while prepping for the trip.  Kind of last minute it occurred to me that I should throw some business cards in my bag.  That seemingly inconsequential maneuver sparked a lot of analysis for me.  Suddenly I was trying to decide in what role I would be attending PAX. 

I realized that there must be a point in time where you identify as a blogger first and foremost.  If I want to do this for more than folly, then there will come a time where I am attending this nature of event as a blogger who games instead of a game enthusiast who sometimes blogs about it.  To a large extent, it probably doesn't matter.  The notion that I would blog about my experience may not change how I go about creating that experience, but it does feel like the event would have a different feel.  Suddenly speaking with vendors and game designers is all about creating marketable content.  Now I am demo-ing games for the sake of reviews not just to decide if it should be on my wish-list.  There is some intangible part of the experience that changes when you are viewing your life through the filter of "blogability."  Faced with this philosophical conundrum I ditched any pretense of being there as a blogger and just enjoyed PAX as a "tourist" and loved it.

Of course, I will be blogging about it all anyway, but I think there is a fine line between blogging as a Blogger (capital "B," with marketing in mind, SEO plans in place and monetization parameters in hand) and blogging about an experience that is worth sharing in your space where you happen to blog.   I am not sure where the line sits and I imagine you only see it in your rear view mirror as you unwittingly skitter past, but for now I strive to say on the "just for the sake of blogging" side.  There is a lot of merit to using your blog as a full-on professional blogger, possibly for pay, but that is not a transition that I am ready to make right now. Someday I will make that jump, but until then I will just try out all the ways to make (hopefully) good content while living my life as a mother/wife/runner/gamer/reader first.