16 May 2012

Failed Plans and Getting Our Lives Back

Seeing as this is the first night for as long as I can remember that "we" (I use the royal sense here) have not been frantically churning out paperwork for job applications or frantically churning out paperwork to get us extracted from the Navy, I am excited to blog a bit.   This Navy thing continues to work out its final death throws of resolution.  The countdown is on, we are on a timeline to leave and boy howdy are we in high gear around here.

The whole deal as to how the Navy thing went down has finally become clear.  Doing a lengthy meta-analysis of all the data, and reading between the lines of what we have actually be told, it looks like an elaborately failed plan...on behalf of the subase leadership.  The people who started this death spiral clearly had no idea just how this was going to play out. (For the Navy, not for us, Chris has more resume requests than he knows what to do with.  Hooray!)

It should have gone like this:  Captain of the submarine needs to look like he has a reason why his command tour has been seriously lack-luster so he appeals to fire the ENG.  A captain at squadron agrees to do this.  Now the boat captain looks good, and squadron looks like they support waterfront operations while also taking a hard line on the naval goal to piss excellence.  Once the boat captain is packed off to his post-command tour, Chris is offered a chance to go back to sea and being the good little automaton he is, jumps at the chance and is super grateful. The Navy gets to give Chris a shitty job and he gets to be forever reminded that he was once done this "favor" meaning we always get shitty jobs until we retire.  End game: captains look good, Navy keeps a top ranked guy and everyone walks away happy. (Except the sailor in question, he gets to be the Navy's bitch for 12 more years.)

That story is accurate up until the point when Chris said "thanks but no thanks, I won't beg for my next chance to undergo a degradation ritual."  Oh Snap!  Now the guy who bottom lined Chris' removal looks like a jerk (who fires a guy who then goes on to prepare material under consideration by flag-level staff?) and the navy is losing a guy into whom they have poured well over a million dollars of training.  Everyone knows it is BS and if anyone decides to pursue just how that BS went down....well, lets just say, we are not the bad guys here. 

Thankfully we are at a point where the bitterness and disappointment have passed.  Honestly, things are working out so nicely that when we met with the lawyer to discuss our recourse for not paying back the bonus (which is a total bone-job BTW) I was nothing but smiles and laughter.  I mean whatever. Can you even take this shit seriously anymore?  I sure can't.

In the meantime we are in high production of resumes, cover letters, reference lists...the whole shebang.  It is looking good to stay in the area and work at any number of jobs where Chris can continue his current line of projects and work in a field he genuinely enjoys.  Former Captain of our Former Boat:  thank you.  Without your desperate grab at promotable performance, none of this would have happened.  Off to pick out dream houses in our proposed new towns.  Life is good, it really is.


Ginger said...

Wow. That's even more screwed up than I thought it was! But honestly, you guys are the ones who will benefit in the end, so HOORAY!