04 May 2012

Parenting, Man.

I feel like all I have blogged about lately is parenting.  Not even useful how-tos, just plain old whining about how hard it is and how my personal challenges should be interesting to anyone else. The thing is: that is all my life has been for almost three weeks now.  Last night, when Chris was away for a conference, was the fist night in as long as I can remember where I just relaxed and did my stuff.  So, in no particular order my random babble for this Friday can be categorized into three areas of stress/annoyance:
  • Kids- "We" (really me) have spent the past two weeks doing intensive attitude adjustments.  The unfortunate convergence of lack of sleep, house-remods and sucky weather keeping us trapped inside have created two sassy beasts.  Liz is 2.5 and well, just being 2.5, but this transition to no nap that leaves her tired and crying by 10am is no fun.  Charlie is just getting fresh, as will happen when you are 5, but when she starts with the parroting back BS ("no, YOU will have to go in time-out Momma") I want to freak out.  I am 100% NOT saying you should beat your kids, I am just saying that I 100% understand that impulse. As we speak I am here blogging while they watch  a movie because we started the day with Liz decorating the entire upstairs with a container of baby powder.  Kill me now.
    • I did solve the stroller stress.  I sold the double and the single joggers.  Ordered a new single jogger that can go to the mall, the zoo whatever AND handle the impact of 10-15 miles of training a week.  The last umbrella style stroller is out on loan and frankly, I will probably just give it to the gal in question.  The fleet is gone, I can still run and we are down to one all-around stroller that we should have just bought 5.5 years ago to start with*. 
    • In case anyone cares, the answer to the car seat question is :move to a high back booster. If your kids is out of spec in a harnessed seat, it is less safe than being young, but in spec for a booster.  There does exist the option of buying an additional seat that harnesses to heavier/taller, but my pediatrician said that with a kid Liz's size that might not buy us that much time anyway. Whew, glad to know my gut instinct was correct and even more glad that I have this on good authority now.
  •  House-After the remod thanks to the bunk beds, things are going much better around here, but those few weeks really took it out of me.  Basically since the end of March I have spent most of my time working on this house.  It was spring cleaning, then company, then re-clean for more company, then move rooms around, garden, do yard work and clean some more since I co-hosted a shower here...  Right now everything is done and I starting the process of sorting out all our crap we are storing (garage sale!) because, oh BTW, we may be moving at any time.  Awesome!
  • Chris- The good news is that employers are starting to sniff around.  Resumes have been requested! Cover letters need to be drafted!  So excited to be getting this going, buuttttt, supporting Chris' job is a full time job for both of us. I am not exactly killing myself here, but editing, providing support and guidance, helping pack for trips, scheduling our lives around his career goals...this stuff adds up.  I feel a bit of hostility building because somehow I must support Chris in his quest for a new job because it benefits all of us, but no one seems worried about supporting me in my "job."   I guess clean underwear, food to eat and not getting botulism rank a little lower than having a snappy suit for a conference.  I know some perspective here would be good, I just can't seem to find it right now. 
And another week draws to a close.  Hey, at least we survived.  Right? RIGHT?

*In my defense, 5.5 years ago joggers as everyday strollers were not as common so the choices were "classic travel system with four foam wheels" or "$400 BOB where you don't even get a cup-holder, let alone the carseat."  As a result we would up in the classic case of having a travel system, then a jogger for working out, then an umbrella stroller for travel when we needed the sedan trunk for luggage.  It sucked.  Thankfully when we had Liz we just got a double jogger and called it a day, but hindsight man...what a bitch.  Take home lesson:  joggers are cheaper now and work just fine for 99% of where you will take a kid in a stroller.  Buy one and be done.


Ginger said...

I think it's really incredibly difficult to always put the career of your spouse first. Even if you see the benefits, it's hard to not take to resenting it at times. But hopefully it will lead to good things for you both in the end?

Alexis said...

@Ginger It is, and it isn't. I recognize that in this deal I am coming out WAY ahead, and I AM supremely grateful for the life that Chris' work provides us. BUT, I am having trouble being my "best self" on this one. In the big picture it is all good. In the "average weeknight picture" I am getting kids to bed, then proofing a resume, then ironing work shirts and then, when it is finally time for me to collapse, finding a sink full of pint glasses with an empty dishwasher 6 inches away. Stupid and petty, yet oh so consuming! This too shall pass, but in the meantime: Serenity Now!