09 May 2012

People Are Very Shortsighted When Furthering the Conservative Agenda

Naturally I can't let what is currently happening in North Carolina and Kansas pass by without my usual commentary.   Yet again we are seeing states pass legislation that will limit the rights of all Americans under the guise of "protecting" those same rights.  The basic run down is that Kansas (of health code switcheroo fame) has passed a huge anti-abortion bill and North Carolina has passed an Amendment to limit marriage to heterosexuals only.   Both of these moves are fully repugnant in and of themselves, but my real fear is that people (as a mass, not any one person specifically) don't seem to get that these are the first steps down the long slow slide to no personal freedoms. Lets assume for a second that we can ignore the anti-feminist, anti-LGBT, pro-hate, pro-Christian values doctrine that oozes off this stuff in waves, there are still HUGE problems with what these bills/amendments can do. 

The law in Kansas could require doctors to tell patients that abortions cause other medical conditions (patently not true and not supported by any research) and/or require doctors to not disclose health related information that might lead a patient to terminate a pregnancy (a disgusting violation of HIPPA/medical ethics).  So sure, you are "protecting the unborn," but at what cost?   Now, in Kansas, the government is deciding how your doctor will treat you.  You are powerless to demand the information that allows you to make an informed medical decision while also being fed conservative fear-mongering propaganda disguised as medical fact.  Today it is abortions...what will it be tomorrow?  This sets a legal precedent that the purported morality of the governing body can dictate your personal medical decisions and you never know what they will find offensive next time around.  This transcends the pro-life/anti-choice argument and speaks to the fundamental human right to make educated choices about you own life.

As for North Carolina, now the only legally recognized union is a traditional marriage between a man and a woman.  This means that anyone (gay, straight or otherwise) who is not married to this archaic standard forfeits all their rights of partnership.  Gay?  No support for you, your partner or your children in terms of benefits, child custody, domestic abuse etc.  Heterosexual, but not married?  Same deal, sucks to be you.  Maybe you shouldn't be a such a godless heathen and this wouldn't be a problem.  This Amendment does nothing but further the goals of the far-right to ensure that everyone thinks, acts and looks just like them.  This limits the rights of every consenting adult in the state based on what one religious group feels is acceptable.  As a American who values the rights and freedoms that this country so bravely offers, you should find this completely unacceptable

The take home message here is that this country is in a full-out war amongst ourselves over our basic freedoms.  As always we can see that the far-right is furthering the rhetoric of restriction over personal freedoms while everyone else is furthering the idea of choice.  Ironic coming from a group that constantly preaches for less government involvement.  I guess that only applies when talking about tax rewards for old rich white guys, but certainly not when discussion a woman's control over her own uterus or a man's right to marry the person he loves.  What the hell is wrong with people? 


Christine said...

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. You have so eloquently put exactly how I feel. We have so many bigger problems as a nation. I don't understand why people can't let the far right "morality' agendas go and focus on more positive changes like homelessness, child abuse, all the children already born that are waiting for loving families, etc...