03 June 2012

Book Review Sunday

Apparently for this summer I am obsessed with series, more specifically young adult series.  I have been seriously abusing my hold/request privileges at the library!  I also finally figured out how to borrow books on my NOOK.  The only downside  is that you can only have four checked out at a time, each "check out" is for 14 days and there is no "return" method.  This means that you need to stagger your NOOK reading so that you don't find yourself book-less and out of open slots. Also when using Adobe Digital Editions, the directions for set up really need to specify that the software and your e-reader need to be registered to the same e-mail.  I made the mistake of setting up the library stuff with our family e-mail (since we all use my library card for checkouts) and my NOOK with my personal e-mail.  Seems obvious when I say it now, but at the time I did not think of it and the only way to un-register then re-register the software is by doing a completely awkward series of key-stroke commands that I only found after an hour of google-fu.  I like to believe that I have at least a functional level of computer savvy and I am sure many people have multiple e-mail addresses so yeah...key note to include in the next edition of directions. 

Anyway...here are some series to check out this summer:

  • House of Night series by P.C Cast and Kristin Cast-  Still liking these.  Quite teen-y, but a good story and the plot is dispersed across the series such that you do get sucked into reading each subsequent book.  Good summer reading.
  • Women of the Underworld by Kelley Armstrong- I have only read Bitten so far, but I have heard great things about the rest of the series.  If you like Charlaine Harris, you will like this, though the writing is not that similar.  These books just have "that feel" of good characters and a series of plot lines that can sustain an extended series.
  • Lily Bard series by Charlaine Harris- Uses her signature story telling voice with murder mysteries.  I have read the first two and can't wait for my hold on the third to arrive.
  • Wolves of Mercy Falls trilogy by Maggie Stiefvater- One of our wonderful librarians turned me on to this trilogy and it is great.  Written for young adults, but tackles some pretty serious topics via the cycle of our dear heroes.  If you only read one of my recommended series, read this one.
The only other reading I have done that currently bears discussion is Bad Mother by Ayelet Waldman.  You may all know her as the women who once commented in a magazine interview that she loved her husband more than her children.  If you don't remember the interview, you probably do remember the nuclear fall-out from "good mommies" everywhere.  The book talks very frankly about motherhood and the ridiculous expectation therein.  I loved the chapter about husbands seeking advice on how to turn their wives into the kids of people who did occasionally prioritize their spouses over their kids.  Here we delve into the nitty-gritty differences between mother and fathering and how to help, at least in your own home, reduce the inequity between the challenges of mothering vs. fathering in our culture.

What is anyone else reading?  The summer stretches long ahead and I could use some recommendations to   help my sanity while we spend the hot moths transitioning out of the Navy.  Beach reading, serious stuff...anything will do!