18 July 2012

Summer Can Die in a Fire

Both kids are currently asleep (I know! Naps!) and instead of doing anything useful, I am in my bed watching Supernatural, reading Haunted by Kelley Armstrong and messing about on the computer.  This is because it is hot out.  Like 80 in my house and outside is 88 with the humidity as high as it can get without actually raining.  Ugh!  Really, this is the only downside to New England; the summers are just awful.  So, here I sit in one of the two air conditioned rooms trying to get my blog back up and running.  In honor of that, here is my traditional shot-gun blast of random;
  • Went on vacation to Cape Cod.  Funny thing about vacation when you are the mom; it is the exact opposite of restful.  The main issue being that as soon as we leave home, my kids stop sleeping.  They stay up extra late riding my hump and then get up extra early to kick off the next day of, yup you guessed it, riding my hump.  Sure the beach is great, and we had a great time, but by the ride home I am shattered.  
  • Vacation also equals illness.  Without fail by the time we get home from anywhere, the kids are running fevers which, coupled with no sleep for the past 5 days, make them especially difficult. You know what is easy to manage in 90 weather?  Fevers.  So awesome.
  • In light of all this, we are getting a stand alone AC unit for the living room.  I hate the spend the money, not only on the unit, but in the resultant electric bills, but we can't do this.  It will be 70+ (even in the dead of night) for the next 10 days to two weeks and that means my house never gets cooler than 75.  Time to woman up and make our lives livable again.
Now it is not all bad news:
  • Chris' dream job has its posting en route to HR so we are keeping our fingers crossed that we can move forward on that soon.
  • Been dreamily looking at real estate in the proposed area and it looks like we can easily find a house that has enough room, a short commute, stands in on of the state's top 10 school districts and is actually in our price range.  A few are just a coat of paint or a new carpet away from being our dream home.  Squeeee!
  • I have been reading a ton lately (probably why I am not blogging come to think of it) and I finally caved and read  The 50 Shades trilogy.  It was everything I hoped for and more, both in scope of awfulness and sheer ridiculousness.  I have a theory about why it has become so popular among women and it has nothing to do with the sex or the romance per say.  More on that come Book Review Sunday.
  • We saw Brave and loved it despite my earlier reservations.  I think a lot of my points stand, and you can see some bits where Pixar just couldn't help make it a "boy thing," but my kids and I really enjoyed it.
  • My little sister is betting married in three weeks and I am so excited.  The girls and I get to dress up, be in the wedding and have a great time.  Come the kids bedtime my wonderful MIL is going to whisk them away and then Chris and I can party in peace complete with a hotel room walking distance from the venue.  Sweetness!
Hopefully this will jump start my blogging mojo.

 Stay cool everyone!


Alicen said...

A house that is hot is miserable! We just went through it for almost 2 weeks with a house that was 83-85 and it sucked. We managed but afternoons were not my friend. I think that will be money well spent for you guys.

I also caved and read the 50 Shades trilogy. In fact I just finished the 3rd book last night. The only reason I started was of a FB book club I am in and they were April's reading. Yep, April! I was so not into the first one that it took this long to finally read them. I am happy to say that the first one was the only one I really wasn't fond of. "Romance" novels just really aren't my thing. I was pleasantly surprised at the next 2 and actually enjoyed them because they were less about sex and started to develop an actual plot line! Ridiculous, albeit, but one none-the-less. The third being my favorite. Based on the first I almost didn't bother with the other 2 but being who I am I just can't leave a series unread. At least now I know what everyone is talking about!

Fingers crossed Chris gets his dream job and you, your dream house! Also totally jealous about the kid free night, enjoy it!

Sarah said...

I couldn't help but nod my head to several of your points on you vacation comment, especially the first. We always get sick right before we leave for vacation so it's guaranteed that someone is ill for the drive there, during the trip and on the ride home.

I hope everything works out on the job and house and the kids suddenly realize how riding mom's hump is taking its toll and become angels overnight (we can all dream right).

Anonymous said...

It is sooo hot here too. I am dreading that utility bill. yikes!