09 September 2012


The verdict is in and we have an official offer from Chris' dream position and the acceptance paperwork will be in the mail tomorrow.  I am so excited for him and so very proud that he turned what could have been a career ending removal from a submarine into such a wonderful opportunity.   He worked so very hard for this, but as the same time it is wonderful to see him fully appreciated for the kind of work at which he excels.

Now all we have to do is finalize the deal when the Navy provides him with official separation orders.  I have a bad feeling about that bit, not going to lie.  The only thing I know for sure about working in the military is that when you need something to happen in time, it most certainly will not.  The culture of service frowns upon doing anything that might make a sailor happy or, goddess forbid, make life easier for that sailor's family. 

There is of course the pesky matter of the Navy possibly wanting a bonus payment back, but our letter to the financial people made it quite clear that the only way we planned on returning payment for time that Chris did actually serve is if we all take a long hard look at how his "detached for cause" happened.  Yes Mr. SECNAV, I too would love to know why  a guy who had previously performed at the top of his class for every training, fitness report and ranking was suddenly canned from his position 72 hours after getting a previously failing boat through the Navy's most rigorous nuclear exam.  Maybe a media outlet would like to sit in on our discussions...no?

So house hunting?  Have only tentatively started, but already exhausted.  Also, can we quit with all the fake research about how owning a home will help your kids do well in school.  Listen up!  The reason kids do better when they are in homes their parents own is because their parents make enough money to own a home. What a shock, kids raised in the middle class suburbs going to middle class suburban schools do better than kids who live in inner-city apartments.  Get a grip. I am sick to death of research (on pretty much anything...parenting I am looking at you especially) that fails to control for socioeconomic status. 

Then again, no need to rush on the move since Chris' will spend his first several months working right here on his current projects.  A lovely group of men who we will call "The Admirals" wish to have him continue working with their current crop of initiatives.  Again, can we point out that the Submarine force is requesting his subject matter expertise less than a year after they used him like a worthless pawn in waterfront politics.  Just saying. Eventually he will move to working at the Newport site, but for now, all his transition requires is a new work pass and the shedding of his uniform.

The last bit of bragging, Chris is writing some serious stuff for the Navy right now.  When he said "we are working on some design for undersea warfare stuff" what he meant was "I am personally writing parts of The Design For Undersea Warfare."  Oh.  I see.  A really petty, sad, vindictive part of me finds this great because you know what?  All the people who chose to fire Chris are still stuck in their mid-pack unremarkable submarine careers while Chris is authoring the policy under which they all have to operate.  Yeah, I am that shallow and right now, I don't care.  

To wrap it all up: eustress.  Lots of really good things are happening, but it is certainly a form of stress.  On the upside: new job, no more Navy and finally getting to buy a house and put down some roots.  On the bad side: stress, stress eating and stress 10 pound weight gain.  This too shall pass and I shall try and remain positive as it all sorts itself out.  Thankfully now I can look back and really see how this whole submarine thing turned out to be a really good experience for us.  A really great experience that can now sit safely in my past where I don't have to deal with it anymore.