03 October 2012

Just...All This

I was almost back into the swing of blogging when life got in the way.  As always it is nothing huge, but it is amazing how quickly your days can just slip through your fingers.  In no particular order, here is the news from Lake T-K:
  • House hunting?  Not like fun shopping at all. You look at a million things, nothing is quite right and then you have to decide where you will live/eat/sleep/breath/send your kids to school forever and ever based on a 20 minute tour.....AHHHHHHH!  This is new territory for us, the idea that we will live here for more than two years is somewhat daunting.  Things that you ignore in a rental are deal-breakers when you plan to own it.  On the upside we found a great house, in a great neighborhood that we can afford (I know right?) and an offer is going in today.  Anything could happen, but hey, at least we are being proactive.
  • The Navy failed to provide the orders that were supposed to be for detachment this month.  Thankfully this is no biggie since Chris is working on the same projects so it is not like it is "lost" time for his current bosses/soon to be clients or the contractors?soon to be bosses, but still.  It grinds my gears a bit.  Does this really have to be a huge inconvenient fight until the bitter end?  Yes it does. On the upside, double pay in November so hey, could be worse I suppose.
  • Liz had decided that she doesn't wear diapers anymore.  At all, even at night.  This seems great and it is great, but she only stays dry overnight with like 90% accuracy.  As it turns out, adding an extra load of laundry to the cycle is kind of a pain.  I know I know, first world problems, but in the delicate balance of raising kids and getting it all done, this kind of stuff skews the system more than you would think.
  • Oh hey, did I mention the fun and games of getting Liz tested for Lyme?  Yeah.  Super excited. She had a bulls-eye rash around a bite (did not see the tick) and some generic symptoms that make our pediatrician suspicious and desiring testing.  Thank goodness the "good" phlebotomist was in and got the draw done quickly.  Repeat in a month.  You know what would be great? To get a nice chronic condition  that could require extensive testing and treatment the second we have to switch insurance plans. Add in Charlie's little expedition to urgent care for almost biting through her lip biffing it on the playground and I am 100% over medical stuff. 
  • Changing jobs requires changing our current lines of investments and life insurance.  Our financial guy, who we know I dislike, is dragging his feet on this.  I am trying hard not to plan his untimely demise, but come on now, this is your job, please do it without the passive aggressive torture because you don't like my plans for my own damn money. 
Life man.  I am hoping to do more blogging of substance soon.  I do have many things I would love to talk about.  Also, I have so many posts for Full Of Knit that have been languishing for so long, I really need to get my butt in gear!