27 November 2012

I Am Still Thankful

While all my bloggy buddies were doing NaBloPoMo, I have not posted. Not at all.  While all my friends were doing daily thanks posts, I have had a hard time maintaining a positive outlook.  None the less, in this season of joy and celebration I do have much for which I am thankful.  Perhaps a quick rundown of the good things in my life will get those writing muscles up and working.
  • First and foremost I am proud of Chris and very grateful for all the work he has done for this family. This year has not been easy on any of us, but he still managed to take what could have been a major career roadblock and turn it into an opportunity to have his dream job.  The hours are still long, and the work is still challenging (for both of us), but the benefits of being out of the service far outweigh those minor inconveniences.  I am thankful that he has employment in tough economic times, that we have health/life insurance benefits when many still don't and that we will be able to secure a lovely home and life for our family.
  • I am thankful for my children.  Even though they have been dickier than an entire bag of dicks lately, I am blessed to have two healthy, happy and inquisitive children.  I am pleased that most of our conflicts stem from their fierce independence and burning desire to explore everything around them.  While I am thankful that this time of tantrums and difficult ages will pass, I am grateful that I have been able to experience being their mom.
  • I am thankful for my entire extended family. You don't know this until you are in it, but in order to be in the service, every single person in your circle of family and friends will have to make sacrifices.  My family has always been there to support our needs when Chris was unavailable and they have been endlessly patient and understanding of our lifestyle.  To deal with that much uncertainty, that many missed events and all the times I needed that extra set of hands without complaining?  Simply amazing.
 In addition to those classic biggies I am thankful for lots of little, maybe even silly things in my life.
  • My running and the RWRunStreak.  This is one of the very few things I do purely for my benefit and I am grateful that I can do it.  Running means my body is still able and my mind is still healthy.
  • My chances to give back.  I have done quite a bit of volunteer work lately and I am thankful that I have the resources to help give back to the world.  Be it time for the Gales Ferry Cemetery clean-up, skills for my charity crafts like pad kits for Empower Women in Africa or money/goods for the local holiday book drive, I am pleased that I have those things to give.
  • My hobbies.  They keep me grounded and involved in communities both online and in "real" life. 
  • Being home with my kids.  It is not the perfect choice for everyone, but it is the right choice for us and I am happy that I can enjoy this option.
  • My car, my dishwasher, my washer/dryer, my bread-maker and all the other luxuries that make my day easier.  Seems silly, but I often think how hard it would be to do my job without the aid of all the gadgetry and I realize how lucky I am to be doing this SAHM gig in the modern era. 
There.  I am feeling much better about things.  Sure the house is in shambles, I am up to my eyeballs in holiday shopping/crafting, the seller's bank is dragging their feet on the house we are trying to buy and Chris has movers scheduled for three weeks from now despite our lack of plan as to just where, exactly, we might be living come January...but hey, it could be worse.  Given a little perspective, if these are my biggest problems, then I should be pretty pleased.