05 November 2012

Stormy Weather

We did get hit by Sandy.  The storm itself was fairly unimpressive, though it did knock out power in most of the state.  That was pretty sucky. This was, however my third giant nor'easter in as many years so you know, what is my excitement level really?  Us north-easterners are a hardy breed, not much phased by weather I suppose.

All in all it was not bad.  We were without power for 6 days.  The first few days were fine.  Like camping only with real beds and unlimited yarn.  That was almost fun until Wednesday, when it started getting cold and I found out that the one (yes one) crew allotted to our 6,000 person town was not even starting work until Thursday. With nighttime temps headed into the 30s and no real end in sight I did what any self-respecting woman would do: I ran home to my Mom and Dad. 

We wound up having a really fun weekend with my folks including an impromptu trip to see this amazing Eric Carle show run by the Mermaid Theater of Nova Scotia.  Oh. My. God.  If you get a chance to see this go. Cancel all your other plans and go. Seriously.  Also had a blast playing Apples to Apples with my BIL and nuclear family after a big family dinner.  As a herd, my family is pretty ridiculous and for that, I am grateful.

None the less, there has been a lot of  fuss being made about how the power company handled this.  After the bad response to two storms last year, everyone hoped it would be better this time.  The company promised it would be better this time. It was pretty much the same.  I can't really say for sure how I feel.   I move rapidly between "this is BS, why did it again take four days to get back-up crews, and why was there no communication with the public" and "well, there was a power line in my neighbor's living room, that can't be easy to fix."  I would like to note that when we had the huge storm (in which Liz was born, hello delivering a baby in flickering lights with a skeleton crew) in Norfolk, power did not fail.  That is a town that knows its wind and rain.  On the other hand, 10 inches of snow shut the place down a for almost a full week.  You win some, you lose some.  I am just going to have to chalk this one up to "what are you gonna do?"  It is not like I have any other choices.  Note to self: research solar panels for new house.

Just when I was losing my sense of humor about the whole gig I met a woman on the playground who was displaced from New Jersey.  While I was whining that my power was out, she was forced to decide if she should drive to her sister's and hope that there was gas available before her tank ran out or if she should stay where food was running low and no stores had power or deliveries, but conserve the gas left in her car.  I just had to decide how much laundry to pack when I went to my Mom's because I don't like to be cold. Never mind.  I am just fine thanks.

We came back when the power company's website said we had power, and we did.  Life was fine and it rolls on as always.  Trick-or-treating was rescheduled for tonight.  The kids had a blast and we are back on on an even(ish) keel.  Just like that, the collective memory of how living in this area can be kind of a drag is gone...until the next storm anyway.


Ginger said...

I'm so glad you guys are ok--this storm was scary as S&*T to watch from the other coast, I can't imagine being in it!

Alexis said...

We were lucky in that our area did not see much severe damage or flooding, but my town has an electrical infrastructure that is...well, let be generous and say "crumbling." It doesn't take much for the power to go, and it takes even less for the understaffed/overworked crews to quickly be in over their heads. However, I am grateful that mismanagement of electrical crews in response to outages is my biggest problem. My house is dry, still standing and was powered within the week. Not so bad really. As for the rest, it was wicked scary and my heart goes out to those still wading through the areas of heavy impact.